Kyle Burbank From Money@30 Is Sharing Tips On Increasing You Tube Subscribers Through Quality Content

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Kyle Burbank, freelance writer, and author, who also hosts the Money@30 YouTube channel, has published a blog post on his website where he discusses his thought process and methodology behind creating reviews for FinTech apps, credit cards, and products that make up the bulk of his YouTube channel’s content.

Kyle’s YouTube channel recently crossed the impressive milestone of 10,000 subscribers, a feat that, he says in his blog post, he is proud of and humbled by. To help others who are considering engaging in the same side hustle as him to earn some extra cash, Kyle decided to share his knowledge on the topic that he is most familiar with.

The first step in the process, according to Kyle is to find the ideal financial apps and tools to review. His go-to technique is to click on ads for FinTech tools that pop up when he is using Instagram. Many of the apps that are being marketed on Instagram are still in the beta phase and thus limit the number of people who are allowed to sign up. Kyle says that he evaluates whether remaining on the waitlist is worth it based on the features and utility offered by the app.

The next step is using the apps to form an opinion on them. He mentions in his blog post that he makes sure to take a lot of screenshots and screen captures during the process as it helps remind him of the ease or difficulty of using the app when it comes time to write a review. The screenshots also help readers who are on the fence about whether the app is right for them. Kyle even puts up a small sum of money from his own pocket to ensure he can test out all the functionality that the app has to offer.

Then, in the blog post titled “How I Create My Video Reviews for YouTube”, Kyle explains that, over the time he has run the channel, he has settled on a video format that consists of an intro, three to five bullet points highlighting some key features or “things to know” about an offering, and then a brief wrap-up and outro. The middle of the script is where he gives his definitive opinion on the software or service that he is reviewing. He uses his knowledge of the current landscape of FinTech software to pick out the notable and interesting facets of the software and then drafts an outline to hit all of those salient points in his script. Once the outline is ready, filling out the rest of the script comes with practice and writing experience.

The next part of the process is shooting the video which requires basic equipment such as a microphone, mic arm, a pair of softbox lights, and a camera. He has adapted his filming style to make up for his lack of ability to memorize a long script and he instead chooses to film a few sentences for each bullet point and then packs the video with b-roll, stock footage, screenshots, and voice over. The screen captures taken during the second step come in hand during this step of the video editing process.

Kyle then discusses the problem of being unable to update videos on the YouTube platform. Since FinTech software is always being updated, Kyle makes it a point to create new videos logging the changes that have been implemented since the original video was published. He drives his audience to the updated videos using techniques such as posting a pinned comment with a link, adding it to the description box, and putting a Card early in the video alerting viewers that there’s a newer review for them to check out.

Finally, Kyle talks about the products that he is not able to fully review because setting up several new credit accounts, buying multiple life insurance policies, or purchasing new financial services is not feasible for each review. Instead, he chooses to make it clear to his audience that a particular video offers an overview instead of a review if he doesn’t use the software, app, or service being evaluated to its fullest capabilities.

Readers who want to find out more about Kyle’s journey and read about money management and the latest FinTech apps and services can head over to the Moneyat30 website.

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