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Cairns Tree Lopping Pros Emergency Services Now Include Tree Removal After Floods

April 05, 2022
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Cairns, Queensland -

Cairns Tree Lopping Pros has long been known as one of the most well-rounded professional tree service providers in Queensland. Among the helpful services that the company offers is emergency tree removal. An aspect of the business that now also covers tree removal and land clearing after a flooding event has devastated an area and left trees down or leaning precariously. It’s also something that the business has been called on to do many times recently during the unusual string of wet and windy weather that has impacted home and business owners in the Cairns area.

A company spokesperson, John Edwards, says, “Rains in the Cairns area has been so heavy at times this year that it has left the city and country streets and yards looking more like small rivers and lakes. Not only did the moisture and flooding from all of that rain take a heavy toll on homes and businesses but the flooding also has negatively impacted people’s yards by bringing down many trees. Something that occurs from both the force that floodwaters generate and through soil is so saturated that a tree simply loses its ability to stay upright. If this type of scenario happens to you, our emergency tree removal services are always standing by and ready to help.”

Cairns tree lopping service

Edwards went on to say that their business has long been one that has been known for helping the local community throughout difficult times and this year’s cyclone and flood-affected locations around Cairns have been no exception. When weather reports mention strong storms possibly impacting their service area, the company makes sure that it has extra crews on standby to handle any tree emergencies that should arise. He says that to respond as quickly to a tree removal need after a flooding or other severe weather event has taken place, it also helps that their service trucks are fully fueled and loaded with the latest and best tree removal equipment. That way, once the severe weather has passed, these reputable tree loppers Cairns crews can quickly arrive on the scene and start to undertake any tree removal tasks that need to be done. It’s a service that the company has been happy to provide since they first started in the business many years ago.

The company spokesperson went on to mention some of the different types of emergency tree removal situations that their arborist-led crews are often faced with after strong storms. This includes trees falling into houses or cars, trees or branches along driveways and roads, trees that have fallen or are leaning too close to power lines, and downed trees that are blocking access to garage doors and building or home entryways. All of which dictate the need for tree removal be undertaken immediately. He also pointed out that when their crews go about doing any type of tree removal service, they always keep safety at the forefront of that job and they know how to fell trees in a way where that task poses no further risk of property damage. Edwards also strongly urged people to never try doing tree removal on their own because it can be a dangerous undertaking if someone does not have the right tools and knowledge to perform it correctly. Something which he says should never be considered given the fact that they charge affordable prices for their emergency tree removal services and they are available 24/7.

The company spokesperson also mentioned how they do much more than just emergency tree work. This includes their professional crews having the ability to provide any type of tree lopping service. He says their arborist-led crews know the best ways to perform tree pruning and maintenance and what the right time of year it has to be done for each species of tree that’s found in their area. They also offer stump grinding, land clearing, palm tree removal, and a wide variety of other arborist-related services. Anyone in the Cairns area that wants more information on the emergency and other professional tree services that Cairns Tree Lopping Pros offers can contact them by phone or refer to the company website.

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