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Homeowners Searching Online For 'Sell My House Fast' In Athens, GA, Can Turn To Athens GA Homebuyers

March 21, 2022
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Athens GA Homebuyers has the perfect solution for those who might have inherited a property and are looking for ways to quickly capitalize on it to raise funds without going through the long and cumbersome process of selling it through traditional means. Readers can find out more about the company by heading over to its website at the link:

According to a report from the Office of Compensation and Working Conditions, a branch of the US Department of Labor, on average, over the period from 1989 to 2007, 21 percent of American households at a given point of time received a wealth transfer and these accounted for 23 percent of their net worth. Over the lifetime, about 30 percent of households could expect to receive a wealth transfer and these would account for close to 40 percent of their net worth near the time of death. Hence, it is very likely that the average American might come in possession of property due to inheritance from a death in their family.

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When a person inherits a property, they have a couple of choices. They could sit and hold the property and wait for the property value to appreciate. They could even move in if the property is still in a livable condition. They can even choose to tear it down and use the land underneath to build a new property that is updated for modern times. However, these avenues will either cost money or deprive the person of a possibly lucrative source of funds that could potentially be put to good use in other ventures.

To make money off a property that one is not going to live in, another option that homeowners have is to consider leasing it out to make some extra income. However, that is a long-term play with significant upfront costs both in terms of time and money. Homeowners will need to spend the money required to perform repairs and regular maintenance to make the property habitable. They will also need to make a significant time investment to set up renter visits and manage the property daily once the renters move in.

The best option to get a sizeable cash infusion using an existing property, according to Athens GA Homebuyers, is to outright sell it. Cash home buyers offer a hassle-free way to sell property that one doesn’t have a use for. Readers can find out more about the cash home buying services offered by Athens GA Homebuyers by checking out a recent press release at the link:

The benefits of selling an inherited property are manifold. The money for the property arrives in the owner’s bank account in an all-cash transaction once the process is finished, which can take as little as a week. The owner also doesn’t have to spend time sprucing up the property to make it appeal to those who want to purchase it, a process that is commonly required when one goes through a real estate broker who lists the property for sale through their marketing channels. The listing of the property in local classifieds and web portals can slow down the process and increase the time required to finalize the sale to a few months at least.

A spokesperson for Athens GA Homebuyers explains the ease with which those who have inherited property can offload it quickly for cash by saying, “One of the most appealing options to sell an inherited house is using cash home buyers. These are real estate investors that buy properties for cash, regardless of their condition in a relatively short period. With cash home buyers, you won’t have to spend a cent out of pocket as they buy as-is. Also, you won’t have to pay expensive agent fees, commissions, or administrative fees. Athens GA Homebuyers is the best cash home buyer for those who own property in Athens, GA.”

Athens GA Homebuyers can be contacted at the phone number (706) 717-6634. Readers can find the company’s address and working hours by heading over to the link:

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In selling your house in Athens, our house buying process is simple. We will buy your house fast for cash. The first step is to share some information about the property and have a quick conversation with one of our home buying specialists.

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