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Blue Interactive Agency Receives Social Selling Award Recognition

March 05, 2022
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Fort Lauderdale, FL - Blue Interactive Agency has become a Kennected Social Selling verified business, enhancing its ability to leverage LinkedIn for social selling. Kennected is a SaaS company that specializes in helping its clients boost their LinkedIn marketing and sales efforts.

Blue Interactive Agency is a full-service digital marketing company in Fort Lauderdale that has established itself as a powerful ally for companies seeking to navigate the complex world of online marketing. The company has over 15 years of internet marketing experience and excels at helping businesses make the most of SEO, PPC, SEM, email marketing, blogging, and social media marketing campaigns.

Blue Interactive Agency is Social Selling Verified

Social media marketing has become a key focus for businesses and LinkedIn has established itself as an important place for companies to build their online presence. The social platform first became popular as a place for job seekers to hunt for new opportunities. It’s increasingly a place where businesses build trust and network with one another. It's an ideal place for business growth and opportunity.

Social selling is a marketing strategy that leverages social networks to improve sales. It combines several key areas such as improving branding, social listening, sharing relevant content, and directly interacting with potential buyers in order to improve customer relations and promote sales.

Social selling on LinkedIn is not new. The social media platform coined the phrase “Social Selling Index” (SSI) which measures the effectiveness of a company or brand’s social selling. With the SSI, companies can take advantage of the observable interactions between company and customer to optimize their social media marketing efforts.

By partnering with Kennected, Blue is ensuring they remain at the leading edge of social media marketing as traditional forms of sales are evolving and some are even becoming obsolete.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and today’s marketing trends have shifted towards community building and optimizing sales based on near unlimited data. Social media has become an ideal place for a company to become known among their target audience with the ability to manage the narrative between business and client with the ultimate goal of improving sales.

Social selling on LinkedIn is especially fruitful for B2B because of the platform’s focus on connecting businesses and business-related queries. It also excels in “highly considered” consumer purchases such as real estate, automotive, and financial services. Customers dedicate more time to these purchases to find out if a business will be an ideal match for them. Social selling helps to optimize this process of client discovery. It improves customer relations and therefore client retention, too.

A LinkedIn study revealed that businesses that have mastered social selling create an astounding 45 percent more sales opportunities and are 51 percent more likely to reach their sales targets.

With the success of social selling on LinkedIn, the concept is becoming increasingly popular. Blue Interactive Agency has ensured its continued success in the sphere of social selling by becoming Kennected verified.

Any business looking to optimize their LinkedIn marketing through social selling or start improving sales through social selling can contact Blue Interactive today and partner with strategic online marketing experts.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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