Dr. Mark Hickman Announces Vasectomy Reversal Surgeries

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Dr. Mark Hickman, a surgeon in New Braunfels, Texas, is announcing that he offers microsurgical reversal of vasectomies at an all inclusive cost. A vasectomy is a highly effective form of birth control that involves cutting and sealing the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles, so that sexual intercourse doesn’t result in the distribution of genetic material that can be used to form a baby. This method is nearly 100% effective at preventing pregnancy, and is a popular option because it is an outpatient surgery with a low risk of complications or side effects. As such, it is considered safer and generally less expensive than most forms of female birth control, including birth control medications and female sterilization methods, such as tubal litigation, where the tubes that carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus are cut, tied off, or otherwise blocked. A vasectomy can eliminate the need to take extra birth control steps before sex, such as wearing a condom, though it’s important to remember that vasectomies will not prevent the spread of sexually transmitted infections, so it is still important to practice safe sex whenever necessary.

Vasectomies are considered a permanent birth control solution, because the reversal surgery, which generally involves stitching the vas deferens back together, is more complicated and often more expensive than the initial vasectomy process. The surgery to reverse a vasectomy can also be ineffective in some cases, which is why people who have had a vasectomy and have since decided they want a child of their own want to pick an experienced surgeon like Dr. Mark Hickman, who has been reversing vasectomies with minimally invasive surgeries for almost 30 years. To reverse a vasectomy, Dr. Hickman uses a powerful operating microscope and a fine nylon suture that is much finer than a human hair. The suture is used to perform a microsurgical repair of the vas deferens, where the goal is to carefully align the two ends and stitch them together with a watertight closure to maximize the success rate of semen traveling down the newly-repaired tubes. A typical repair needs between ten and fifteen total stitches to seal the tubes back together. Different procedures and results of the reversal surgery can vary widely, especially between providers. Patients from around the world who want to undo their vasectomies trust Dr. Hickman because he has over 1300 surgical reversals of vasectomies under his belt, all leading to more total babies than he can possibly count.

vasectomy reversal cost

Dr. Hickman charges a single, all inclusive rate for vasectomy reversal surgery, so people interested in the surgery know up front exactly how much they will have to pay for their procedure: $3300, including local anesthesia and an oral sedative to reduce sensation during the procedure. The one option available for an additional cost is IV Sedation administered by a board certified Anesthesiologist, which adds $900 to the total cost of the procedure. Otherwise, clients of Dr. Hickman can rest assured that there will be no more hidden fees or surprise expenses when they decide to get a vasectomy reversal from Dr. Hickman. In some cases, while performing a vasectomy, a surgeon may find that there is a second obstruction to the flow of sperm, such as a rupture of a tube in the epididymis, which also needs to be repaired for an entirely successful outcome. While some surgeons might charge extra for this repair, want to schedule a second appointment to complete it, or neglect it entirely, the all inclusive pricing model means that if this second repair is necessary, Dr. Hickman will repair it at the same time and for no extra cost.

Anyone who has had a vasectomy and is interested in having it reversed can contact the office of Dr. Mark Hickman for a free consultation. Most people who want a vasectomy reversal make this decision because they’ve decided they want to have a baby. While Dr. Hickman’s website refers several times to vasectomy reversal as a way of combating the depression or fatigue men experience after receiving a vasectomy, there is no evidence that lasting psychological effects are a common experience of vasectomies, and men who do not want children should not be worried about these kinds of side effects if they are considering getting a vasectomy as a way of avoiding pregnancy.

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