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Experienced Family Law Attorney Guides Former Couples Through Divorce

February 16, 2022
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The Eagan, MN based Amundson Law Office is pleased to offer their community the benefit of their expertise in divorce cases, especially those that involve high value assets. The firm specializes in helping the members of their community pursue an amicable divorce that causes the least harm to all parties involved while pursuing any assets their client is entitled to. Lisa Amundson of Amundson Law Office is also an experienced family law attorney who considers it her duty to help ensure children of divorced parents suffer as little as possible as a result of such proceedings.

Amundson holds the belief that divorces should be conducted as neutrally as possible in order to minimize harm to either the parents of their children. In many cases, she says, one or both of the parents may seek to make matters difficult in order to harm the other, be it emotionally, mentally or financially. However, this is deeply unproductive and makes the objective of the divorce (a legal separation that divides property based on certain guidelines and so on), much more exhausting and painful than it has to be. This is exacerbated when children are involved, Amundson says, since they tend to fare the worst as a result of conflict between their parents.

Lisa Amundson

As such, while a divorce may appear to be an inherently contentious arena, she always makes it a point to encourage her clients to approach the situation with reasonable expectations. This is particularly true for divorce situations where there are several high value assets that need to be divided appropriately. Clients should make every effort to prioritize the assets they value the most because of their emotional or financial contributions to their own life. Once this is communicated to Amundson, she can begin negotiating in good faith to ensure her client gets the items they desire. However, it is highly impractical for negotiations to go forward when one or both parties simply wishes to prevent the other from getting what they want. All this will accomplish is to draw out the divorce unnecessarily.

Amundson adds that the same should be considered in cases where child custody is a factor. Seeking to prevent the other parent from having any custody time whatsoever is usually an untenable goal (barring extraordinary factors), so she recommends that parents also consider what is best for their children during mediation and similar opportunities.

The firm takes a variety of factors into account when approaching a case. While certain aspects may merit a standardized response, Amundson explains that the individual situation of the parties involved can drastically influence the firm’s recommended objective. For instance, they have to consider the financial situation of each party previous to the divorce, their expected future earnings and day-to-day needs of the parent who will be the primary caregiver of the children.

Such cases can get even more complicated when a family-owned business or similarly complex financial structure is involved. Figuring out how to split such assets in a divorce requires stringent financial analysis, but Amundson confirms that the firm will always seek to protect their client’s interests. Notably, while the firm encourages an amicable exchange between the divorcing parties wherever possible, they also advise their client against taking this to the extent that they accept any settlement prematurely. An eagerness to maintain productive communication should not lead the client to allow themselves to be taken advantage of (even if the other party has no malicious intent behind such an action). In the event a proposed settlement too heavily favors the other party, the Amundson Law Office will attempt to resolve the issue by demonstrating how Minnesota Divorce and Property Division Laws apply to their situation.

Amundson and her team understand how critical it is for a client to always understand where they stand at any point in divorce proceedings. Among the firm’s top priorities is keeping their client informed of all developments at every stage, and the client is always welcome to raise any inquiries whenever they feel out of their depth. Notably, new clients may contact the firm to request a free initial consultation with Lisa Amundson. This can help them understand the extent of the service they will receive when they work with the Amundson Law Office. Learn more here:

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