Clogged Drain Experts In Grand Prairie Talk About the Advantages of Unclogging Drains by Hydro-Jetting

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Green Star Plumbing Company Grand Prairie is one of the foremost plumbing experts in its area of Texas. They have well-trained and experienced plumbing techs working for them that have access to all of the latest and best plumbing equipment. A perfect example of this is their use of hydro-jetting machines to unclog drain lines. A procedure that is much less time-consuming and longer-lasting than the traditional method of snaking a clogged drain line open. These are just some of the many benefits of using hydro-jetting to open up a clogged drain line.

A spokesperson for this plumbing contractor, Joseph, says, “We take much pride in being as progressive a plumbing service as possible. That means having state-of-the-art plumbing equipment to resolve the various plumbing issues that our customers ask us for help with. These tools include our modern hydro-jetting machines that can handle even the toughest clogs in both residential and commercial drain lines. They are machines that offer so many advantages over using more traditional methods to get water flowing through a drain line again.”

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Joseph went on to say that one of the main advantages of hydro-jetting is how effective it is. It can even handle getting tree roots out of sewer drain lines which is no easy task when using a snake. These machines are also much safer than other types of drain unclogging devices. That’s because they will not do such things as scratch and crack porcelain toilets or other bathroom or kitchen fixtures. He added that hydro-jetting also is often a quicker solution to opening up clogged drain lines than other more traditional drain unclogging methods; less time on the job results in lower bills to their customers. There also is no digging involved or cutting of pipes to get to clogs that are in hard-to-reach areas. Since hydro-jetting does not require the use of chemicals, it’s also one of the most environmentally-friendly ways to unclog a drain line. More details about this contractor’s drain unclogging services can be seen on their business site at

The company spokesperson also talked about the many other reputable plumbing services that they at Green Star Plumbing Company - Grand Prairie. This includes the ability to install new plumbing from scratch and do retrofits of old and outdated plumbing lines. They are also known as one of the most reputable plumbers in Grand Prairie and the vicinity when it comes to finding and resolving all different types of plumbing leak issues. He also talked about. He reminded that they also do both large and small plumbing repairs, can repair and replace water heaters, and offer various plumbing maintenance services too. They are also always willing to give any of their customers’ advice on how they can take advantage of newer plumbing technologies such as tankless water heaters and devices that allow for better water management. Joseph also wanted to highlight the fact that they always make themselves available for plumbing emergencies 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This includes weekends and holidays. He says that they do this because they realize such issues as clogged toilets that don’t allow for bathroom use never take a day off, so they can’t either. Their emergency plumbing services were even highlighted in a recent press release which can be seen here at

Those that have had their drains unclogged or other services plumbing services done by Green Star Plumbing Company - Grand Prairie have written very favorable reviews about their experience with this contractor. Freeman Kyle stated, “I've found my new go-to plumber. Reasonably priced and professional. They have high standards and make sure you're satisfied.” Michael Ross wrote, “Their work was excellent and the service very good. Reasonable pricing too. And, probably most importantly to me and my busy schedule, they showed up on time.”

Those in Grand Prairie and the surrounding communities can learn more about the plumbing services that Green Star Plumbing Company - Grand Prairie offers by calling them, shooting them an email, or by scheduling an appointment through their website.

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