CDMG Shares 8 Things Most People Don't Know About Metal Buildings

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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania -

As a leader in the metal building industry in Pennsylvania, CDMG has supplied and erected thousands of pre-engineered metal buildings. The company has published an article highlighting some of the more common aspects of metal buildings that people are unaware of.

The metal building company wants to educate industrial customers about metal construction so that they can make informed decisions about their steel building projects.


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The post discloses some lesser-known facts that people should know before starting a steel construction project. CDMG emphasizes proper planning and drawings to create a building project. The top metal building supplier shares that drawings are an indication that the building is in complete compliance with the correct local zoning codes. The county or local municipality has all the information about the right codes and loads that the client should relay to the steel building supplier. The post states that once the markups are finished, the client is eligible to receive permit drawings that give them the go-ahead to erect the building.

According to the Pennsylvania steel building supplier, turnkey solutions are not always the best option, resulting in disappointment with unforeseen fees and costs. Accomplished steel building professionals like CDMG are dedicated to customer satisfaction and design building solutions that fit their needs and budget.

CDMG cautions clients against trusting a broker as a manufacturer, suggesting that a manufacturer has the expertise and professionalism to deliver the best quality building and experience. The metal building company compares a manufacturer with a broker, adding that the former can produce its own custom metal buildings and the latter cannot. A broker takes a building order and shops it around to the lowest bidder. Choosing a broker means surrendering control over the building project, explains the steel construction contractor, warning that sometimes clients may have to deal with unforseen issues with little to no recourse.

CDMG notes that winters can be more costly for steel building construction, warning that the client could spend more due to various setbacks and added costs due to the chilling conditions. The blog post explains the difficulties in laying a foundation in winter due to the moisture from frost or frozen ground seeping into the foundation and ruining the project.

It explains the right temperature for the foundation, so the concrete maintains its strength and form. CDMG suggests waiting until spring or summer to build to ensure your prefab building project doesn't have to deal with these issues.

The post emphasizes the need for customers to stay informed and educated about pre-engineered metal buildings to get the best purchase experience possible. CDMG explains that getting a fully customizable metal building that meets clients' specific needs requires them to meet with a metal building installation partner to ensure they get the best deal possible.

The Pennsylvania steel erector suggests leveraging a structural engineer's skills and specialized knowledge to design the pre-engineered steel building, adding that an architect might prove costlier. CDMG recommends using the architect's services to design the steel building instead of having the supplier design architectural plans.

The article lists several benefits of steel buildings, with durability being one of the top advantages of building with metal. The company also notes that steel buildings have several advantages over traditional construction methods. From a quicker construction schedule to saving the customer money, pre-engineered metal buildings stand above typical concrete or timber construction. A custom steel building company like CDMG specializes in engineering and designing metal building packages for commercial and industrial buildings.

Anybody looking for industrial steel buildings, institutional buildings, or a customizable building system can trust CDMG and get started on the project. Connect with CDMG today on its website for the best pre-engineered metal building quote.

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