New Fleet Cost & Care Blog Gives Advice on How to Improve a Dispatch Department

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Detroit, Michigan’s Fleet Cost & Care (FCC) is a company that proudly serves those in the crane, rigging, and heavy equipment industries. The company does this by being an expert technology provider, advisor, consultant, and influencer. Fleet Cost & Care is also widely recognized as a company that has developed some of the most useful fleet management apps and software.

Every facet of this reputable business is geared toward making it easier for companies that have to dispatch and track vehicles to lower their costs by operating more efficiently. A good example of this is the fleet-related blogs that this company often posts to its website. The latest of which gives useful advice on how to improve dispatch department. Jeff Curran, a representative of Fleet Cost & Care, says, “Part of being a progressive fleet management services provider means that we recognize that there is a lot more that goes into managing a fleet of cranes, rigging, and other heavy equipment than just having software that helps with this process. That’s why we always strive to make our services as well-rounded as possible. This is why we feel it’s important to post informational blogs that will help any company improve its fleet management skills. Our latest blog titled ‘4 Ways to Improve Communication for Dispatchers’, is one that will help a company improve it's all-important and sometimes overlooked dispatching services.”

The latest Fleet Cost & Care blog starts by saying that for those that have businesses related to the heavy equipment rental industry, few tasks can be more challenging than improving communication between dispatchers. This is an area that can be vastly improved now by the new technologies that have been developed, but those in the industry must be willing to take action to maximize the use of these new dispatching technologies. The blog states that this process all starts with establishing an email process for dispatching. That’s because while texting and calling are a more personal means to communicate a driver’s schedule with them, it often does not provide enough information to get the job done more simply and efficiently.

Also mentioned in the blog was the importance for a company to better document job, customer, and other critical details in a centralized system. The reason for this is that it helps a dispatcher make better use of and organize the almost overwhelming amount of information that comes across their desks. This also helps with job-specific note-taking and integration with other platforms such as CRM’s and accounting systems. The newly posted blog also brought up that dispatchers can benefit greatly by confirming details before the start of every job their company takes on. This will help them react to such things as cancellations and scope changes in a job. The last piece of advice that was given for dispatchers to lessen the stress of their job is to take advantage of mobile applications for fleet management. It’s something that allows fleet dispatchers to perform their jobs effectively even when they are away from the office.

Curran went on to state that they at Fleet Cost & Care can write and post highly useful fleet management blogs because the company is affiliated with the JJ Curran Crane Company. That’s a combination that brings over 70-years of fleet-related management skills to every endeavor that they choose to take on and it's no different with the industry-leading software and apps. Currently, their software is being taken advantage of by 40 of the top 100 crane companies listed in American Cranes & Transport’s Top 100 list. He mentioned that the heavy equipment management services that they provide have been so well received that they are now being used in other countries in North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand to streamline their fleet management operations.

Those that would like more information on FCC’s NexGen fleet management software, Atom mobile app, and other fleet optimization services can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out and sending in the form that’s found on its website.

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Fleet Cost & Care offers the most comprehensive fleet management software & mobile app on the market. Serving customers worldwide since 1993, we help heavy equipment rental companies simplify and systemize their day-to-day operations.

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