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Totem Offers $CTZN Token Staking

January 13, 2022
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Totem, a web 3 operating system and decentralized community, unveiled the first use for the recently listed $CTZN token after a successful TGE (Token Generation Event). Staking is a way to increase $CTZN earnings by locking up a specified amount of tokens for a set length of time. Yielding will reward holders with more $CTZN.

In a statement issued on Medium, “$CTZN is the currency that will be used for energy and value exchange amongst members of our growing community. Start staking to earn more.”

Forgeable Opal Book

All 3 staking options were opened publicly on December 21, 2021 at 15:00 UTC and were open five days. During this time, staking options were divided into 3 pools: LP Pool, CTZN Pool, and Opal Pool.

In the LP pool, stakers acquire BUSD and $CTZN and stake them to receive Cake LP tokens and stake the token in the pool. Yielding rates for tokens locked for the 14 day mandatory period are 30% APY. $CTZN locked for the 60 day mandatory period will yield 100% APY.

The second pool is a single-sided $CTZN stake. If locked for the 14-day maturity period, yield will be 20% APY for a 14-day maturity period, and 70% APY when locked for a 45 day maturity period.

The third pool is the OPAL NFT staking pool. When holders stake exactly 5555 $CTZN they will yield 5% APY after a 14-day maturity period. Alternatively, a 60-day maturity period will yield a 10% APY + 1 Opal NFT forgeable for physical copy of the hardcover copy of the Opal book.

Those interested in learning more about Totem, $CTZN, or Opal are encouraged to connect via Discord or Twitter.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

Download as PDF Single Release RSS Feed
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