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The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Explains Common Causes of Car Accidents

December 23, 2021
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Atlanta, Georgia -

The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta, Georgia, has updated its blog with a new post examining the common causes of car accidents. The blog post cautions drivers that a majority of motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta are caused by human error. The leading personal injury law firm in Atlanta emphasizes the need to drive carefully and defensively, respecting traffic laws. The blog post outlines the importance of familiarizing oneself with the most common causes of car accidents and lists the ways to get the best car accident settlement in Atlanta.

The blog post can be read here: The best auto accident law firm in Atlanta blames distracted driving for causing many accidents, advising drivers to stay focused on the road, put their phone down and forget the radio when behind the wheel. The Mabra Law Firm also cautions against eating, putting on makeup, texting, or reading while driving.

The best car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA, knows how to fight for a compensation claim in a personal injury case for a motor vehicle accident victim. Speeding is another major cause of car accidents in Atlanta, as many drivers treat the speed limit as just a suggestion. The blog post advises drivers to keep their speed under control, warning that the faster the speed, the less control the driver has over the vehicle. The top Atlanta auto accident attorneys warn that speeding slows down the driver’s reaction time, resulting in a fatal crash.

Another major cause of road accidents is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The article cautions drivers not to drive after taking a medicine that causes sedation. Driver fatigue is another cause of auto accidents in Atlanta, Georgia, which affects their ability to react to their surroundings while driving. The blog post lists things like sleep deprivation, driving late at night, and being worn out from the day’s activities as some of the common reasons for driver fatigue that can negatively impact their reaction time, reduce vigilance, and impair their concentration.

Rain often results in slippery and dangerous road conditions in addition to reducing visibility. The blog post warns drivers not to drive through flooded roads. Some drivers are always in a hurry and end up running red lights and stop signs. This poses a high risk of accidents. This can pose a high risk of wrongful death in a side-impact collision or a rollover accident.

Aggressive driving is another cause of auto accidents in Atlanta. The blog post lists the common forms of aggressive behavior behind the wheel that can cause a crash. The Mabra Law Firm deals with many auto accident cases in Atlanta. Some of the crashes are the result of lapses in judgment. Their Atlanta auto accident attorneys fight for the rights of victims injured due to someone else’s negligence. The blog post advises looking out for traffic signs and obeying the proper right-of-way when making a turn.

Winter weather is also listed as a common reason for car accidents, adding that ice and snow are a significant cause of traffic accidents in the wintertime. Finally, reckless driving is also a significant contributor to car accidents. The blog post explains that reckless driving is primarily caused by aggressive drivers who are impatient in traffic.

An experienced Atlanta, GA, car accident lawyer can help victims receive the compensation they deserve for damages. The Mabra Law Firm has more than a decade of experience in helping Georgia accident victims receive maximum compensation for their damages. Their top accident attorneys are available now for a free consultation.

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