Plumber In Naperville Issues Advisory Message About Freezing Conditions

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Lisle, Illinois -

IL based Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning is reaching out to the Naperville community to share an urgent advisory about freezing conditions. Homeowners and building managers in Naperville and Dupage County will be happy to hear that the plumbing and drain cleaning provider services all properties in the area, especially given the winter weather warning that is currently in place.

Frozen pipes are a real and serious issue that many are likely to face as temperatures drop, and it is usually best to contact a professional to handle it. With Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning restructuring their operations to include Naperville, there is now a reliable plumbing service in the area to handle all kinds of pipe related issues. The plumbing company has also written an article on how to avoid burst frozen pipes this winter.

“Did you know your garden hoses this winter could cost you a boatload of money in plumbing repairs,” says the article. “I am in the habit, and recommend to everyone in our area also adopt it, to detach, roll up and store your water and garden hoses from the water outlets. I’m in the habit of doing that every Halloween. We warn our Naperville and Chicago customers every year with a quick email. We know we’ve heard from a few of you that it’s helped.”

Freezing temperatures make moving water into a house very costly — while also increasing the likelihood of the pipe bursting, which eventually means expensive sink repairs. By regularly checking the pipes leading to a house, it is possible to detect and prevent freezing before it becomes a big problem. One solution is to simply detach the hoses, and Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning highly recommends this action. Read the rest of the article here:

Another article published by the company explores how homeowners may avoid leaky plumbing in winter by taking steps to protect exposed pipes from the elements. Wrapping up uninsulated pipes with foam tubes can help keep the water inside from freezing, for instance. Another tip offered in the article suggests taking care of older model water heaters that are located in unheated areas. Old heaters are generally found in the basements of houses or other areas that are generally not very warm, and this makes them more susceptible to freezing and bursting. A regular and thorough inspection can make a world of difference.

Outdoor supply lines may be problematic as well. The plumbing company says, “If water is left in your outdoor supply lines, they can freeze and spread into your indoor pipes, causing potential disaster! The best way to avoid this situation is to drain your outdoor supply pipes after closing the shut-off valves that supply them with water. Make sure to keep the outside valves open so any water left inside the pipes can expand if it freezes, and don’t forget to disconnect your garden hose. Water inside garden hoses can act like electricity, the water freezing inside a garden hose can connect to the lines connecting to and inside the home, bursting pipes.”

In case the above precautions are not effective, a homeowner can always rest assured that Rocket Plumbing is available to help. The company has managed to build a reputation for being a reliable plumbing service, and the dozens of online reviews they have received are a testament to their excellent service.

“I found him on Yelp,” says a happy customer named Kobe. “Gave him a call, he answered, no answering service or voicemail. So nice when you get an actual person. He was very friendly and professional. I hired him to do some work at my home, and he really did a great job. Bottom line — if you want someone friendly, hardworking, and honest, Brian is your man! I highly recommend him!”

Another happy customer, Danielle, says, “I never thought how much I would be happy with a plumber until I used this company. I called Rocket Plumbing two days ago when I found a leak under my kitchen sink. I saw they had a good offer on Yelp so I gave them a call. The plumber was at my house in an hour, and he did a very professional job in fixing the leak. The cost of the job seemed fair, and my plumber was very friendly too. I will definitely use this company again if I need a plumber.”

Anyone in search of a plumber in Naperville can get in touch through the company’s official website. They may also call the company’s office directly to talk to a representative.

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