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Clipper Construction Reveals that They Are Also a Commercial Roofing Company

December 20, 2021
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Clipper Construction, a company based in Baltimore, MD, has revealed that they also offer commercial roofing services in Baltimore and neighboring areas. They offer construction services for the five common types of commercial roofing, namely: built-up roofing (BUR); modified bitumen roofing; metal roofing; single ply membrane roofing; and green roofing. They want to point that while there are many types of commercial roofing, it is essential to find the type of roofing that is suitable for the business’ needs, and the Clipper Construction professionals can help the clients with this.

A spokesperson for Clipper Construction says, “Choosing a particular type of roofing for the commercial building is vital because it has to match the business image or brand. For instance, having a roofing that is sustainable can indicate that the business is focused on environmental protection, while having a shoddily built roof that is easily damaged can have a negative impact on the business’ image.

commercial roofing company

BUR is a kind of flat roof that is constructed from bitumen (asphalt) and heavyweight roofing felt. It can last between 15 to 20 years but its lifespan can be extended if an aluminum coating is applied every number of years. As such, if properly maintained and installed, BUR roofing system may last for as long as 40 years. Its advantages include: better protection against UV radiation and water damage; and cheaper maintenance costs. However, BUR can have higher installation costs; difficulty in detecting or repairing leaks; unpleasant smell during installation; and tendency to pool water. Those who are looking for help with commercial building maintenance can read about their services at

Modified bitumen roofing uses a combination of asphalt with fiberglass or polyester. It has a lifespan of 10 to 20 years and its benefits include: strong water resistance; UV resistance; minimization of degradation caused by heat or cold; and less noise compared to metal roofing. Its disadvantages include: possible seam defects if not installed correctly; tendency to have dents; and potential formation of blisters if water seeps through.

Metal roofing has a lifespan of 20 to 50 years although strong winds and snow can reduce this. Its advantages include: ease of installation, which means lower costs; resistance to mildew, fire, and rot; lighter weight compared to other kinds of roofing; ability to easily shed rain and snow; and ability to reflect sunlight, thus keeping the building cooler. Its cons include: higher initial costs; noisy roof when it rains; susceptibility to dents; and the need to ensure that the proper fasteners have been applied.

Another popular type of commercial roofing is the single ply membrane roofing, which can be thermoplastic or thermoset. Thermoplastics use polyester or fiberglass, which can make the roof last longer. Thermosets are often used for bigger roofs because they can prevent seam formation. Advantages include: protection against UV radiation; ease of installation; better protection against bad weather; and the use of lightweight material that have reflective properties. Cons include: incompatibility with other types of roofing; shorter lifespan; and potential problems with water retention.

Green roofing is a flat or slightly sloping roof that has some kind of vegetation planted over it. They can be intensive, semi-intensive or extensive roofs. Advantages include: resistance to compression and decomposition; lightweight extensive roofing; low maintenance extensive roofing; relatively inexpensive extensive roofing; no need for drainage and irrigation system for extensive roofing; better insulation for intensive roofing; more uses for intensive roofs; and possibility of planting more diverse vegetation for intensive roofs. Disadvantages include: need for irrigation and drainage systems for intensive roofing; problems with wet and dry spells; inability to use extensive roofs for other uses; and intensive roofing being more costly.

Clipper Construction was founded with the mission of offering commercial construction services in the Baltimore area with the best possible level of service while at the same time making sure that business operations will not be disrupted significantly. The company has construction professionals who are experienced in various types and sizes of projects, such as office space, restaurants, multifamily housing, retail stores, medical buildings, industrial buildings, non-profits, and more. They are a commercial general contracting company serving a wide variety of industries, including retail/office fit-out, historical restoration, adaptive reuse, and mixed-use development. And what makes them distinctive is their use of advanced technology in their efforts to attain the highest possible efficiencies in the construction process and that projects are finished on schedule, within budget, and with 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Companies needing commercial roofing services in Baltimore and neighboring areas can check out the Clipper Construction website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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About Clipper Construction:

Clipper Construction is a tech-enabled Commercial General Contracting firm providing construction services across several verticals including retail/office fit-out, adaptive reuse, historical restoration and mixed-use development.

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Clipper Construction
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