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Plumbing Company in London, ON Encourages Households to Winterize Their Pipes

November 29, 2021
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London, ON – As the year comes closer to an end, the temperature continues to drop. Many people love this time of year, watching the snowfall and sledding downhills, but as everyone knows, there are some challenges that come with the cold weather. One of these challenges is the threat of pipes freezing; however, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Triton Plumbing + Services, a plumbing company in London, ON, is urging households to take measures to winterize their pipes before it is too late.

During the winter, when there is water sitting in a pipe, and it cools down to a few degrees below freezing, the water begins to freeze into ice. The problem is that when water turns to ice, it expands, potentially causing the pipe to burst. Fortunately, there are several steps a household can take to help keep their pipes warm enough that the water inside does not freeze.

One of the ways to prevent a pipe from getting too cold is to slightly open the connecting faucet, allowing a small amount of water to continuously trickle through the pipe, which will discourage the water from freezing. While this is the most direct and invasive step of freeze prevention, there are several other tactics to try as well. For example, placing a fan nearby the cabinet under the sink and leaving the cabinet door open can help warm air circulate around the pipe. There is also much value to ensuring the pipe has the proper insulation.

It is important to participate in these steps towards freeze prevention. However, though effective, prevention is not always perfect. If the unfavorable does occur and you find yourself having to deal with a frozen pipe, contact Triton Plumbing + Services right away. As a company that provides emergency plumbing services, Triton plumbing technicians are happy to help at any hour of the day or night because plumbing issues seldom happen on a favorable schedule. Triton Plumbing seeks to pleasantly surprise their clients by conducting business with friendliness, punctuality, and politeness. For the most reliable and efficient plumbing services, Triton Plumbing + Service a call today at (226) 270-6424 or visit their website:

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