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Resurgence Behavioral Health Hosts Beach Cleanup Event for National Cleanup Day

November 09, 2021
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Costa Mesa, California -

Costa Mesa, CA – Learning to focus on the world beyond one's self can be a powerful tool for anyone, including people in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Clients at Resurgence California in Costa Mesa recently learned how good it feels to make a difference and perhaps moved a little further along in their recovery journeys as a result.

Resurgence sponsored its clients’ participation in National Cleanup Day, an annual event to remove litter from outdoor spaces. Held each year in every U.S. state and territory, National Cleanup Day is one of several initiatives by Clean Trails, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and “community of people dedicated to keeping the outdoors clean” and raising awareness about litter solutions.

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Costa Mesa

Resurgence managers and staff say it was important for clients to participate in Cleanup Day because it’s an important cause and because of the value it brings to their journey toward long-term sobriety. It aligns perfectly with Resurgence’s belief that service work improves mental health and helps clients have a smoother transition back into society as sober individuals.

A nationwide cleanup project is especially meaningful for Resurgence’s clients, who are engaged in a daily effort to clear away negative thinking and remove the influences and behaviors that keep them from moving forward. Both Resurgence and Clean Trails share a common belief in the power of positive impact by one’s peers.

“Core to our beliefs,” Clean Trails’ website explains, “is the notion that people want to do the right things; all they need is a little encouragement or incentive. We believe that people are naturally responsible; if we encourage them to care for their favorite places, to pick up after themselves and others, then our outdoor spaces will become self-sufficient, clean, and more enjoyable.”

In much the same way, Resurgence California clients help each other on their shared journey to recovery. Group counseling is one of the essential elements of the Resurgence program, which uses a comprehensive approach to help people break free of drug and alcohol dependence and confront underlying emotional or psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression. Programs include medically supervised drug and alcohol detox, residential and outpatient rehab, long-term aftercare and continuing therapy. Within that framework, specific treatment plans are customized for the unique needs of each client. Resurgence knows that, just as addiction does not set in overnight but is a long-term process, so is attaining sobriety.

Recovery is a process that requires the strong emotional support of other people. Resurgence provides expert addiction treatment, but just being around others with shared experiences can take you a long way toward success. At Resurgence, couples can go through treatment together (while staying in separate, same-sex accommodations), and clients can bring pets with them for the comfort and companionship they provide.

Life at Resurgence California is pleasant and cheerful by design. It’s crucial to show recovering addicts they can still enjoy life without the artificial stimulation – or consolation – of drugs and alcohol. The physical dependence on drugs or alcohol results from chemical changes in the brain, so the connection between taking drugs and feeling good is hard to break. Resurgence offers comfortable, home-like surroundings where chef-prepared meals are served (and often get rave reviews online). For fun and a sense of purpose, residents get to enjoy regular recreational activities. Discovering that they can help others, even at a time when they feel so in need of help themselves, is a priceless experience.

Anyone who needs help recovering from drug or alcohol addiction can contact a treatment specialist at Resurgence at any time. For more information, visit Resurgence online or call 855-458-0050.

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