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Tree Experts Orlando Uses Its Emergency Tree Removal Team to Handle a Tree Lying on House Roof

November 09, 2021
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Orlando, Florida – Yesterday at around 11 pm, Tree Experts Orlando was invited to Nickson Lopez’s house to help with a tree removal procedure. As it turned out, a strong gust of wind had broken a tree and left it lying on Nickson’s roof. Working carefully, Tree Experts Orlando was able to remove the tree without causing further damage to the house.

“The first mistake that brought about the damage on the house was ignoring the red maple when it died about 6 months ago,” Nickson Lopez told a group of reporters. “You see, the tree has been decaying internally. This weakened its wood structure to the point where the wind broke it.”

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The homeowner noted that when he was woken up by a loud bang, he could not believe his eyes when he went outside and found a large tree on his roof. Nickson Lopez thought he wouldn’t find a tree removal team that was willing to work in the middle of the night. However, one of his neighbors, who was also woken up by the loud bang, suggested Tree Experts Orlando.

“Nobody expected the company to pick the phone at such an hour,” said Nickson Lopez. “It was already 11 pm – everyone thought the team of tree cutting professionals in Orlando had already headed home. To everyone’s surprise, the company picked the call on the first ring. The woman on the other end of the line sounded very much awake. She said that the company’s emergency response team would be on the landscape in under 60 minutes.”

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Nickson Lopez noted that the company kept its word. After calling at 11 pm, the team was on his landscape at 11;45 pm, ready to remove the tree and prevent further damage from occurring on his roof.

“Later on,” added Nickon Lopez, “the neighbor who had recommended Tree Experts Orlando noted that the company offers emergency tree services in Orlando on a 24/7 basis. This was an unexpected revelation for the entire family.”

Interested in understanding how Tree Experts Orlando managed to bring down the tree without causing further damage, reporters contacted the company’s CEO. The CEO noted that his team of tree cutting professionals in Orlando relied on years of experience and modern tree service tools.

“When the Orlando tree removal team arrived on Nickson Lopez’s landscape,” said the Tree Experts Orlando CEO, “they had a crane, ropes, power saws, a bucket truck, and a tone of safety gear. The crane and the ropes were used to stabilize the tree – lifting the tree, the crane kept the tree’s weight from pressing further down on Nick’s roof.”

The company used the bucket truck to reach the tree’s crown without putting the workers’ weight on the roof. Removing the branches from the crown, the company reportedly reduced the width of the tree. Using the crane to pull and twist the tree away from the house, the team dropped it in an area that did not have any utilities. Working with the power cutting tools, the company sliced the tree into small pieces – all the pieces were loaded in the company’s truck for shipping to the dumpsite.

“Since Nickson is planning to plant a new tree,” said the Tree Experts Orlando CEO. “The team had to remove the stump completely. After stump removal, the company filled the hole with soil before cleaning the entire landscape.”

Nickson Lopez noted that he had expected a high cost for the emergency tree removal procedure. However, the homeowner was surprised when the company charged him an affordable cost despite working in the middle of the night.

Tree Experts Orlando office is located at 10802 Satellite Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 321-340-2817 and

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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