Stockton Tree Experts Reduces Tree Trimming Cost to Accommodate Homeowner Operating Under Tight Budget

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Stockton, California – On Wednesday, Stockton Tree Experts reduced its tree trimming cost to make it favorable to a homeowner who was low on cash. The homeowner – Paul Robson – had reportedly just finished repairing his house after a strong wind blew the iron sheet roof off.

When Paul Robson called Stockton Tree Experts to request tree trimming, he was clear on the fact that he was broke but still wanted to improve his trees. Founded to make professional tree services in Stockton accessible to everyone irrespective of their financial situation, Stockton Tree Experts was more than willing to offer the homeowner a price he could afford.

Stockton Tree Experts

“Several companies had already sent in their quotations before Stockton Tree Experts sent theirs,” said Paul Robson, “Stockton Tree Experts had the lowest price – it was slightly lower than the affordable amount.”

When the homeowner contacted the company’s booking office to determine whether the cost on the quotation would be enough for all the trees on his landscape, the company confirmed that it had included all the trees in their calculations.

“The agent at the booking office was open about the process the company followed to create the quotation,” added Paul Robson, “She noted that the company had taken into consideration the recent property repairs. She also indicated that the price was carefully created for this landscape – she noted that the company normally charges a higher price for tree trimming procedures.”

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Paul Robson thought that the company would be ineffective because of the low price they had charged him. The homeowner was surprised when the tree care company went overboard with the tree trimming project – the company offered more benefits than the homeowner had initially expected.

“The expectation was that the company would not work hard enough because they were receiving minimum compensation for their work,” said Paul Robson, “However, the company did not just do a good job on the tree crowns, they also did an impressive job cleaning up. They collected all the waste generated by the entire tree trimming project and took it to the nearest dumpsite – the landscape was left cleaner than it was before the tree trimming project.”

For the 25+ years Stockton Tree Experts has been operating in Stockton and neighborhoods like Mountain House, Woodbridge, Galt, Lodi, Lathrop, Tracy, and Morada, the company has reportedly been charging extremely affordable tree service prices. According to the company’s CEO, maintaining an affordable cost has helped the company replace DIY tree services with professional tree services in Stockton and the neighborhoods.

“When the booking agent was talking to Paul Robson,” said the Stockton Tree Experts CEO, “One thing she realized is that the homeowner was very dedicated to trimming his trees. If the company had failed to make the professional service affordable for him, the homeowner would have gone ahead and trimmed the trees himself.”

The CEO noted that the DIY tree trimming would have created more problems than solutions. According to the CEO, DIY tree service would have caused tree damage, property damage, and could have easily injured Paul Robson.

“Paul Robson had just repaired his home,” added the Stockton Tree Experts CEO, “Leaving him to handle DIY tree trimming would have put him back to square one – the branches he removed from the tree crown could have landed on the same roof he had repaired. This would have forced him to spend more money on property repairs.”

“By making the tree trimming procedure affordable,” added the CEO, “the company helped Paul Robson avoid treating injuries that could have been caused by falling. The team also helped the homeowner avoid killing his trees with improper tree trimming.”

Stockton Tree Experts base of operation is located at 1503 St Marks Plaza, Stockton, CA 95207, United States. Customers interested in professional tree services can contact the company via +1 209-340-8642 and

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