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Moreira Holding A Street Party to Celebrate its Cash Out Refinance Service Launch

November 08, 2021
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Atlanta, Georgia -

Moreira Team/MortgageRight is an Atlanta, Georgia-based mortgage services provider. The company specializes in creating ways that simplify home financing. A very good example of that is that the company has just launched what it calls its cash-out refinance service, an event so special that the Moreira Team/MortgageRight even decided to hold a street party as a way to celebrate it. More details about this new type of mortgage refinancing the company is offering can be seen here at

Alvaro Moreira, the company’s Director of Strategic Growth, says, “We are always looking for new ways to make it easier and more beneficial for our clients to finance and refinance their homes. Our new cash-out refinancing service is a great way for someone to ease the financial burden of their current mortgage and free up some money for other purposes. It does this by allowing a mortgage holder to leverage their home’s equity and access the difference between their current loan and the new loan in cash.”

cash out refinance

The company’s Director of Strategic Growth went on to talk more about how a cash-out refinance loan works. It’s very similar to what’s known as a rate-and-term mortgage refinance. He stated that type of loan is when someone trades in their current mortgage loan for a new one of the same principal amount but it usually includes either a shorter repayment period or lower interest rate. It may even include both. Cash-out refinancing works the same way but with one major difference. That’s the mortgage holder’s ability to take out a specified amount of cash from the equity on their loan. Getting a lower interest rate is the key to making this work for a homeowner along with them being to properly manage what the money they withdraw from their home’s equity is used for. Some of the finer points about this type of loan can also be seen here at Here one can even see an example of how this loan can benefit them and some of the important aspects of this type of refinancing to keep in mind when considering going forward with it. Also, in keeping with the company’s policy of being a transparent mortgage service, some of the drawbacks of cash-out refinancing are brought up.

Moreira says that their new cash-out refinance service fits well into their company philosophy. That is to create an experience that allows people to buy a home or refinance one in a fair and straightforward way. One that’s authentic and does not include all the sales noise that goes along with some refinancing companies’ practices. He says they also want the experience a client has with them to be one they can feel good about and represents their best financial interests and long-term life goals.

Besides cash-out refinancing, Moreira Team/MortgageRight is prepared to help first-time homeowners get a mortgage and they also are very experienced when it comes to helping someone obtain conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo mortgages. Also included in their specialty financial services is helping clients qualify for relocation, investment/rental property, and second home & vacation mortgages. The company’s Director of Strategic Growth also stated that there are other reasons that top producers often choose their services than just the many types of initial mortgage and refinancing options that they offer. This includes the fact that they have clear and transparent pricing to go along with some of the lowest interest rates in the industry. He mentioned that their customers have also come to expect such traits from them as being able to offer 4-hour underwrites and same-day clear-to-close services. Clients of theirs also are pleased with their on-time closing guarantees and a full suite of benefits and support. The Moreira Team powered by MortgageRight has also put together an ‘A-Level’ investor list to go along with several diverse platforms that have enabled clients to significantly grow their investment income.

Moreira pointed out that they are always available to talk to someone over the phone or in-person about a cash-out refinancing loan. Additional details on this service can also be viewed at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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