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Choice Men's Health Explains the Connection Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

November 09, 2021
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Choice Men's Health, a clinic in Atlanta, GA, has recently published a blog post that examines the relationship between diabetes and erectile dysfunction (ED). The article explains how diabetes can be a cause of men having problems with getting and maintaining an erection in order to engage in sexual intercourse. It is possible for diabetes to cause ED because it can damage the blood supply to the penis, thus having a significant impact on the blood flow. In addition, it can cause damage to the nerves that control getting an erection. It should be noted that while many men will suffer from ED as they age, those who have diabetes have been found to develop this condition five to 10 years earlier than those who don't have diabetes. This blog post can be read at

Choice Men's Health says, "ED can be related to insufficient blood flow to the penis, emotional issues such as depression or anxiety, or problems with the nerves to the penis. Diabetes can make these issues worse or even cause them in the first place. Current data has identified several likely risk factors for erectile dysfunction in patients, specifically with diabetes. These are damaged blood vessels, low testosterone levels, depression, and medication side effects."


Because of higher levels of sugar or glucose in the bloodstream caused by diabetes, the small blood vessels can become damaged. This type of damage usually results in vision loss, kidney damage, nerve pains, and vascular diseases. Furthermore, this damage to the small blood vessels in the penis makes it more difficult to get an erection and maintain it. This is why erectile dysfunction is worse for men who have uncontrolled and long-lasting diabetes.

It has also been observed that 25 percent of men with diabetes have low levels of testosterone. This can also lead to problems with sexual function in men and ED.

In addition, the stress of managing the disease can result in depression or anxiety in men with diabetes. Depression on its own can cause a number of problems in regards to erection and sexual health. And anxiety can also result in a sudden loss of erection during intercourse or even having problems obtaining an erection.

Medications used to treat men with diabetes in order to decrease the risk of health problems, and other complications of the disease can also result in ED by reducing blood pressure or causing other side effects that cause problems in getting an erection. Other prescription drugs can also have side effects that can be a contributing factor to ED.

Fortunately, men can take a number of oral drugs to deal with diabetes and ED. However, such medications may not be appropriate because men with diabetes often have heart problems too. These drugs can have dangerous interactions with some heart medications.

Other possible treatments for men with diabetes and ED include: intracavernous injection therapy, vacuum device, venous constriction devices (for venous leak syndrome), intraurethral therapy, penile prosthesis (inflatable and malleable), and sex therapy. Some lifestyle changes may also be helpful, such as quitting smoking, decreasing cholesterol and fat in one's diet, reducing stress, exercising, and losing weight. Men who are suffering from ED can get help from the specialist at Choice Men's Health.

Choice Men's Health is a leading men's health clinic in Atlanta that provides personalized erectile dysfunction treatments based on the specific needs of the particular individual. This means that the certified medical professionals in the clinic will make sure that they fully understand each patient's condition and use that knowledge to develop the best possible treatment procedure. They also know and understand that the issue is personal. Thus they will always make sure that patients feel comfortable knowing that everything is kept private and confidential.

People interested in knowing more about the personalized ED therapies provided at Choice Men's Health can visit their website or contact them via telephone or email. They are open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. Meanwhile, there has been recent news indicating the ED treatment center expands service area.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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