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Irvine Tree Experts Impresses Homeowner with a Low Price for a Fallen Tree Removal Procedure

October 27, 2021
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Irvine, California – A top-rated tree removal company in Irvine, Irvine Tree Experts is known for creating the safest plans when handling complicated procedures. Yesterday, however, was an easy day for the Irvine tree removal team as it only had to handle a fallen tree. The tree owner, Mr. Jackson, was overly impressed when he learned that he would pay less than half of the amount of money he had prepared for the project.

Speaking after the fallen tree removal project, Jackson had the following to say, “When I invited the team to analyze the tree and provide an estimate for the entire project, I was expecting twice the price they mentioned. I am happy that I listened to my neighbor and hired this company. This was my first project with Irvine Tree Experts. But in the future, I will request more. I am also intending to recommend the company to other homeowners.”

Irvine Tree Experts

To understand why a fallen tree would cost less than a live tree to remove, reporters contacted the Irvine Tree Experts CEO for answers. The CEO did not hesitate to indicate that fallen trees are less riskier to remove since the work of bringing the tree down is already complete.

“Fallen trees are much easier to handle,” said the Irvine Tree Experts CEO. “Most of the work has already been done – we are no longer required to worry about bringing the tree down without touching neighboring utilities. The fact that we need minimal effort when removing fallen trees allows us to charge low tree removal costs. It is impressive to see that we have managed to earn ourselves a long term client by simply being fair with service costs.”

When reporters asked whether there are any exceptions or fallen trees that would attract a higher tree removal cost, the CEO noted that trees lying on important utilities may be costlier.

“If a tree falls on a house,” said the company’s CEO, “a lot of finesse will be needed to lift the tree off the house without causing further damage to the roof. This could easily mean climbing up the roof with our tree service tools, slicing the tree up into small chips and then manually lowering these chips down. As you would expect, this procedure will be riskier and will require more time. This may attract a slightly higher price than the average fallen tree removal cost.”

The company's CEO noted that homeowners should do everything in their power to keep their trees from falling. He noted that it is only through luck that trees fail to cause property damage.

“Take Mr. Jackson’s tree as an example,” said the Irvine Tree Experts CEO. “His 100-foot tree stood just 7 feet from his precious house and 40 feet from his garage. If the wind was blowing towards his house when the tree broke, Jackson would be counting thousands of dollars worth of repair costs right now. Although removing his tree while it was still standing may have been slightly costlier, it would have helped him ensure the tree goes down without any risk of property damage.”

The CEO noted that the best way to keep trees from falling unexpectedly is to conduct regular tree inspections.

“If Mr. Jackson had inspected his tree,” said the Irvine Tree Experts CEO, “he would have noticed the signs of internal decay. This would have allowed him to request for emergency tree removal before the tree dropped.”

The CEO noted that homeowners can also take advantage of professional hazard assessment services. Using this service, the homeowners can be 100% sure whether their trees are safe or compromised.

Irvine Tree Experts offices are located at Goddard, Irvine, CA 92618, United States. Customers, however, can contact the company while relaxing at home – they can call +1 949-288-5499 or send an email to

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