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Fort Worth Tree Experts Uses Tree Pruning to Restore Tree Health

October 27, 2021
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Fort Worth, Texas – When Douglas Mason noticed signs of ill-health on his red oaks, he decided to call a team of experts to assess the trees and figure out a way to save them. The team from Fort Worth Tree Experts told the homeowner that he was lucky to have caught the health problem before it spread throughout the tree. The team indicated that the best way to save the trees was to use tree pruning to remove the infected branches – this would keep the disease from spreading.

Speaking after 3 weeks of observing his red oaks, Douglas Mason had the following to say, “I am now convinced that Fort Worth Tree Experts is the best company for improving tree health in Fort Worth. 3 weeks since the company handled the tree pruning procedure, my trees have improved significantly. I have not noticed the signs of ill-health on the branches. What’s more, the Fort Wort tree pruning team did more than just save my trees from the disease – they also improved my trees appearance and reduced overcrowding. They made my trees aesthetically appealing and also gave me a better view of my surroundings. I can’t thank this company enough.”

Fort Worth Tree Experts

The homeowner noted that he did not want to lose his red oaks. Having been planted by his great grandfather, the trees had a lot of historical significance to him and his family.

“My father told me that my great grandfather planted the red oaks after returning from the first world war,” said Douglas. “It was one of the first projects that he did after he acquired this property from a friend who wanted to move to Riverside California. Losing any of these trees would have felt like losing some part of my family memory. I am glad that I invested in the right tree care procedure before the trees became too ill.”

Reporters talked to the Forth Worth Tree Experts CEO to determine how effective tree pruning is when it comes to saving trees from diseases. Having been in the tree service industry for more than 40 years, the company’s CEO had a very long answer to the question.

“Most tree diseases affect trees branch by branch,” said the Fort Worth Tree Experts CEO. “If you catch a disease early enough, you can remove the infected branches, keeping the disease from jumping to healthy branches. Mason was lucky that he caught the disease early enough. This simple fact made it extremely easy for our team of tree cutting professionals in Fort Worth to hinder the spread of the tree disease.”

“The easiest way to ensure that tree pruning works every time one uses it is to work on the diseased trees on time,” said the company’s CEO. “If Douglas Mason had waited for 2 more weeks, the bacteria on his tree would have moved from the branches and found a nicer, more nutritious home on the tree trunk. While the red oaks would have been treatable, the treatment cost would have been a lot higher. In addition to purchasing multiple sets of prescriptions, the homeowner would have needed regular arborist service – both treatment options would have set him back thousands of dollars.”

Fort Worth Tree Experts CEO noted that the easiest way to catch diseases early enough is through inspecting trees regularly. He recommended checking signs of ill-health on trees every few weeks and reporting to a team of qualified professionals every time they notice peculiar appearance on their trees.

“We are one call away,” said the CEO. “If you think that your trees are behaving abnormally, reaching out to us immediately could be the key to saving these trees.”

Fort Worth Tree Experts base of operation is located at 1509 Miller Ave #1009, Fort Worth, TX 76105, United States. The company, however, can be contacted via +1 682-900-6326 and

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