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Emergency Water Damage Contractors In Scottsdale Now Available Around The Clock

October 28, 2021
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Mesa, Arizona -

Mesa, AZ based Dry Star Restoration is encouraging local homeowners and businesses to reach out immediately if their properties suffer water damage. As experienced emergency water damage contractors in Scottsdale, Mesa, Phoenix and so on, the Dry Star team is fully capable of addressing all their customers’ water damage issues.

According to Dry Star Restoration, the main concern in any situation involving water damage is time. In the event a pipe bursts in a home, for instance, the company says the majority of the damage can be rectified swiftly as long as a team of restoration experts are called to fix the problem at once. The longer water is allowed to remain, the harder (and more expensive) it will be to restore any affected areas or items. The company clarifies that this is true even if the source of the water is shut off immediately. If any water introduced to an area is not removed and dealt with quickly, new problems can develop as time goes on.

“Water damage progresses in a matter of hours,” says Dry Star Restoration. “We do not recommend that you wait for a more convenient time to call your trusted restoration expert because it may be too late to salvage your precious property by then. This is why we run a 24-hour hotline every day of the week — we understand that people in need may be compelled to reach out for help in the dead of the night or during weekends. We encourage our community to make use of this service to contact our team the moment they experience a severe issue with their plumbing or any other source of water damage.”

Many cases of water damage caused by faulty plumbing in homes tend to occur in the evenings or during the weekends. Dry Star explains that this is the time when most families are home from school or work, and weekends are especially notorious for ruptures in the plumbing because this is when the property receives visitors (and the same is true for holidays). With additional pressure placed on the plumbing and sewage systems, faults are more likely to occur.

Fortunately for homes and other properties, Dry Star Restoration has been providing exceptional water damage restoration in Arizona since 2012. They specialize in restoring their customers’ properties to a pre-loss condition, no matter how extensive the damage may be. As a full service water damage restoration company, they are able to tackle water damage of all kinds, such as those caused by storms, flooding and similar disaster-level events in addition to plumbing problems.

Chris P. shares a great deal of information regarding the company’s work in their 5-Star Google review. “My folks had roof damage that led to water damage in the ceiling,” they explain. “They are old and unable to take care of things like this these days, so it was such a relief dealing with this company. Noah was out here the very next day with Aiden to assess the damage, and he was very kind and patient, explaining the situation to not only me but my elderly grandparents as well.” At Dry Star, customer service and transparency are of paramount importance. The company recognizes that customers tend to contact them in moments of elevated stress, so their team always takes the time to explain what is wrong and how it can be rectified.

The review continues, “David and Jacob came by a few days later and were in and out within two hours. They removed the damaged area and cleaned up quickly and were a joy to have in my home. Very respectful and professional. Overall, I would recommend Dry Star to anyone. Professional, timely, worked with my unusual schedule, and above all, their employees were all very helpful, patient and respectful, which sadly isn’t always the case when companies are dealing with older folks like my grandparents. Can’t say enough good things about this company and its employees. Highly recommended.”

Property owners in need of prompt water damage repairs in Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale and more are welcome to contact Richard Appel of Dry Star Restoration to pursue any further inquiries or request an inspection. The company will respond as quickly as possible to assess the damage, extract the water, dry any residue, clean out affected areas and items and restore the property to its pre-loss condition.

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