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Online Counselling For UK Women Offered Year-Round By Gateway Counselling West Midlands on World Menopause Day

October 15, 2021
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Online Counselling UK

Women living in the United Kingdom can now access a new form of therapy from their own homes. On World Menopause Day, Gateway Counselling West Midlands announces the service of online counselling available to all women.

This is a confidential service that allows women to seek help from a therapist via phone or video call. The counselling therapy company believes that this will empower more women to overcome mental health problems by making counselling accessible no matter where they reside in the UK. The therapist at Gateway Counselling West Midlands is trained and experienced in issues related to menopause.

Online therapy has been shown to have many benefits, including being confidential and convenient. Details about obtaining online counselling are provided here:

Nabeelah Khan-Cheema, the owner of Gateway Counselling West Midlands, stated: “When most people think about the menopause, they think about the physical symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats. However, there are also many psychological symptoms, and it’s often these that many women struggle with.”

She continued: “For example, one may start to feel more anxious or experience panic attacks for the first time. One may find one is more easily annoyed or upset by things that didn’t bother one before. One may go from feeling happy one minute to angry or tearful the next. Or one may find it hard to concentrate or remember things. And all these symptoms will be made much worse by interrupted sleep and fatigue.”

A list of all the physical and psychological symptoms of menopause and how counselling can help are provided in an article on Gateway Counselling West Midlands’ website under the following link:

Even though the menopause will affect every single woman, it is still a taboo topic that is not openly discussed and often misunderstood. Whilst some women will sail through it, for others it can be a really debilitating experience impacting their personal, family and work life.

The annually recurrent World Menopause Day has contributed toward raising awareness and letting women in their midlife know that they don’t need to struggle alone. Finding understanding and receiving counselling can help.

Gateway Counselling West Midlands offers affordable and accessible options for women who need outside support and would prefer to get the support through virtual methods. Online sessions are available, and an appointment is set with the therapist at a mutually agreeable time.

Gateway Counselling offers a complementary 15-minute session for an initial consultation. This allows anyone seeking online counselling to understand if they can be helped. An appointment for a longer more detailed online session is booked once the client is comfortable about receiving the service.

Nabeelah Khan-Cheema advises all women affected by the menopause to visit their GP for getting medical help and, in addition, seek counselling to obtain support and help in dealing with the emotional turmoil of the menopause, as well as other issues, which may arise at this time.

Gateway Counselling West Midlands offers CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) as well as other therapeutic methods to provide tailored treatment plans for each individual client's needs.

The Birmingham-based online counselling service provides a safe, confidential environment to communicate about any topics that may be affecting the client. Options for online counselling UK are via telephone or video counselling via Zoom. This allows individuals to receive counselling treatment without delay and the opportunity for self-care and recovery.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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