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TLC: How To Find The Best Childcare In Orlando

October 12, 2021
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The Learning Center of South Park (TLC), based in Orlando, FL, is reaching out to help parents discover which childcare providers are best for their children. As an institution that specializes in the field, the Center is keen to share their insight and help ensure that children are always able to find a preschool that offers every advantage they need to learn and grow.

“No matter where you live,” Helen Session of The Learning Center of South Park observes, “you need a center that is able to introduce your child to a learning environment in a safe and responsible manner. This introduction will set the foundation for the rest of their educational career, so it must be done right. Fortunately, you can examine every candidate for certain indicators to determine whether they are a good fit for your child.”

Director Helen Batie

A child’s education will take up the majority of their young lives (and extend well into adulthood in many cases), so TLC’s first piece of advice is for parents to select a daycare that follows a specific curriculum. This does not mean that a child should avoid fun altogether, they clarify, simply that learning and play time should be approached in a structured manner that will help the child get used to a routine. This gets more important the older they grow, especially as they get ready to enter a more formal classroom environment.

Parents should also talk to a daycare’s staff before making a decision. Websites are, by their nature, designed to be attractive and present a child care provider from their best angles, so it is vital that parents talk to the staff (both over the phone and in person) to gain an idea of the truth, whether that matches the website’s description or not. Similarly, The Learning Center of South Park warns parents that some daycares may not be licensed for the work they do, so talking with their staff can help expose this.

One of the biggest ‘details’ a parent should take into account, TLC asserts, is how much the child in question enjoys going to daycare. As accomplished as the staff may be or as beautiful as the location is, daycare needs to be a positive experience for the child. Fortunately, this can be assured if it has lots of fun activities woven in with its educational efforts, such as story time, field trips, art and craft projects and more. While children may experience separation anxiety and therefore need more encouragement to go to daycare in the beginning, TLC says that this needs to change over time. If parents notice no improvement after a few months or so, they may want to consider trying another location.

As a South Park child care provider, The Learning Center has long aimed to fulfill these goals and much more. Their team has delivered a consistently high standard of education and worked alongside parents to help their children discover new horizons as they grow. This consistency and enduring commitment can be seen in the reviews the Center has received, both in recent times as well as years past.

An excerpt from an older Google review posted by Sarah D. shares her experience with sending her son to the Center for five years. It says, “As a mom of one, I was still nervous about him starting Kindergarten, a new building, a new teacher, new friends, lots of new subjects to learn but he has made me so proud in his transition, and I have to thank everyone at The Learning Center. Because of them, he was prepared. He also is testing now at the beginning of Kindergarten with scores as high as what they expect at the end of Kindergarten. So Thank You, TLC, for providing my child with the love, patience, and knowledge to succeed, he couldn't have it done without all of you!”

More recently, Rocio C. shares, “I absolutely love this center. My daughter was here for pre-VPK and VPK. The facility is always clean and prioritizes the health and safety of the children. The teachers are always so kind and care for each child. My daughter graduated from VPK this year and still talks about her teachers and how much she misses them. This is a place that cares, and I’m so grateful my child was able to get her early childhood education here.”

Parents who are looking for the best child care in Orlando may contact Helen Session of The Learning Center of South Park to discover how it meets their child’s needs. TLC can also be reached through their website and social media channels.

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