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Clean Group Sydney Explains the Importance Of Medical Centre Cleaning In Sydney

September 29, 2021
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Sydney, New South Wales -

As one of the leading commercial cleaning companies in Australia, Clean Group, Sydney recently explained the importance of medical center cleaning in Sydney. The company is providing quality cleaning services but also hosting various awareness campaigns to make people aware.

As part of the same campaign, the company has hosted a series of webinars. A few days back the company held a similar webinar where their representatives explained the importance of childcare cleaning. Before that, they had already explained covid-19 cleaning, gym cleaning, office cleaning. This time they explained what medical centre cleaning is, why it is so important, the right way of cleaning, cleaning products, and the schedule.

Commercial cleaning services

Clean Group is a Sydney-based professional commercial cleaning company that has been providing a range of cleaning services to businesses located in and around Sydney. Their service portfolio includes commercial cleaning, residential cleaning, industrial cleaning, and strata cleaning service packages. The company also provides business or property-based services like gym cleaning, school cleaning, strata cleaning, warehouse cleaning, childcare cleaning, carpet cleaning, NDIS cleaning etc. Additionally, the company also provides cleaning for special occasions like Christmas cleaning and after-party cleaning. When the pandemic hit Australia, Clean Group was one of the first companies to add Covid-19 cleaning to their portfolio.

In the recent webinar CEO of Clean Group Suji Siv said that “Cleanliness of any health care centers is essential for the prevention and control of infection and the well being of the patient. The importance of medical cleaning depends on the commercial cleaners the facility does have. There are a number of commercial cleaners in Sydney that can easily meet this need. Now that the world is facing a pandemic, this would mean that the demand for medical cleaning will continually rise.”

He added that "With proper cleaning, infections and the spread of viruses can be stopped. The standard of a medical center cleaning in Sydney has risen in the last few years. And it will rise in the future due to Covid-19, a lot of new cleaning technologies, awareness, and demand.”

The company shared a list of commonly found pathogens inside the hospital, They also shared details of these pathogens, risks, how they spread, and how cleaning can help to eliminate them. Additionally, the company also explained the right way of cleaning a medical center in Sydney.

Furthermore, the company shared their own method of medical center cleaning In Sydney and also advised all the local cleaners to wear PPE kits first before entering the healthcare centers. They also suggested doing a regular cleaning first, then deep cleaning, and then disinfectant should be sprayed or applied.

Commercial cleaners specializing in medical center cleaning known products that can eliminate these pathogens. Healthcare cleaners should use highly rated disinfectant products thoroughly to wipe out all pathogens, viruses, bacterias, and other germs. This action is necessary to stop the spread of any type of virus and infection in the facility.

Local cleaners can also clean the health care facility but they can’t provide the highest level of cleaning, and not even they can’t maintain it for a longer time duration. It is due to a lack of equipment, tools, and practical experience. On the other hand, giving such an important responsibility to a professional company will save a lot of effort, funds, and time.

Stephen Matthews, commercial cleaning manager at Clean group Sydney shed light on the importance of choosing the right products. He said that, other than the quality of the product, quantity also matters a lot.

Clean Group is one of the finest commercial cleaning companies in Sydney. The company has already helped many medical centers to maintain a healthy environment for their patients, visitors, and guests. The company is helping medical centers to continue their operations with its certified COVID-19 cleaning services. As an experienced cleaning company, Clean Group has all the tools, equipment, heavy machinery, trained personnel, knowledge, and unmatched experience in this field.

The company uses only government-approved cleaning compounds, sanitizers, and disinfectants. They are also keeping their staff trained and up-to-date with all the guidelines. Medical Center owners and managers who require medical center cleaning in Sydney can contact Clean Group via their official website or email address.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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