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Backyard Bug Patrol Warns That Cooler Fall Weather Forces Rodents to Seek Shelter in Homes

September 30, 2021
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Great Falls, Virginia -

Great Falls, VA-based Backyard Bug Patrol is a company that’s well-known for its ability to control both flying and crawling insects inside and outside of homes. Another of this company’s pest control services that are often recognized for their effectiveness is its rodent control measures. A service that will take on even more significance as colder fall weather approaches and mice and rats look to seek shelter in homes. Worse yet, these rodents also want to use the shelter that homes provide as a place to make their nests and breed more of their own. This is something that can have a devastating long-term impact on any home if steps are not taken to remedy the situation.

John Mitchell, the company co-owner, says, “It's getting cold outside and that also means it’s a time when many rodents are on the move…into your home! Your home offers an ideal space for mice and rats to raise a family and survive the winter months. The house, garage, or shed offers the warmth and food they need to fight off the cold. So, don't be surprised to see more rodent activity as the temperature starts to drop. Not to worry, though. Backyard Bug Patrol can help. Please contact us today to discuss how we can help protect your home from mice and rats.”

A recent blog the company posted to its Facebook Page at, discusses three signs that indicate someone in the areas of Virginia and Maryland that the company serves need urgent rodent control steps undertaken. The first is the gnaw marks that are left on wires, baseboards, food packages, and other home structures. All rodents gnaw because it’s the instinctive way for them to keep their front teeth from growing too large. Another telltale sign of rodent infestation is actually seeing the presence of rodents around the house and yard. The blog article also points that rodents have small feet that will leave prominent footprints in dust, dirt, mud, and other surface particles around a home. Many people even dust the surface of a floor with flour to confirm that they have a rodent problem in their homes.

Mitchell added that there are many reasons why people should be very concerned if rodents take up residence in their homes. It was already mentioned the damage that their gnawing offing causes to electrical wiring and the structural components of a home. Repairs from this type of damage can run in the hundreds and even thousands of dollar ranges. He also mentioned that the presence of rodent droppings also brings along with it a large number of potential problems. The most concerning of which is the spread of bacteria and germs and the health issues that are related to this. Rat and mice urine and feces will also tend to cause rot in wooden materials, stain anything that it gets on, promote corrosion of metals, and will produce a foul odor that often will spread throughout an entire home. The company co-owner says that dead rodents inside of walls and attics will also produce a distinct odor that nobody wants to take a whiff of. Rodents are also known to contaminate any foods that they touch and will do further damage to a home’s structure with the holes they create to allow them to travel freely throughout a home. He stated that their most effective measure for controlling rodents is what they refer to as ‘perimeter rodent control’. This method used special childproof bait boxes to capture rodents. He says that it’s an impactful way to keep rodents from ever reaching homes in the first place.

Customers that have used Backyard Bug Patrol’s rodent and other pest control services have been very complimentary of the work that was done for them. Kristin Sterling proclaimed, “Positives: Professionalism, Responsiveness, Value. Backyard Bug Patrol is fantastic! Super helpful, responsive, and gets the job done! We highly recommend.” This is one of over 100 reviews on the company’s Google Maps Business Listing which leave them with an impressive average service rating of 4.9 out of a possible 5-stars. Even their listing at is populated with many 5-star reviews.

Those in the company’s Maryland and Virginia service territories that want more information on the rodent and other pest control methods that Backyard Bug Patrol uses can call them, send them an email, or fill out and send in the website contact form.

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