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Tree Service Experts Louisville Advises Property Owners to Use Tree Removal as the Last Solution

September 16, 2021
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Louisville, Kentucky – After noticing an increasing decline of the urban forest in Louisville City, Tree Service Experts Louisville has decided to warn property owners against unnecessary tree removal. The company notes that trees should be allowed to live their full lifespan.

Speaking at a local urban forest event, Tree Service Experts Louisville CEO had the following to say, “Lately, we have noticed that property owners will just call our team in to remove a tree just because one branch is broken. Such a tree does not require a tree removal team – instead, it needs a tree trimming team Louisville to remove the broken branch and to turn it into an attractive natural ornament. Safeguarding our trees does not just give us a place to take a rest in the summer heat, it also gives us cleaner air and cooler temperatures in a time we are experiencing global warming. Our urban forest helps us save millions every year by reducing cooling costs and much more. Therefore, we must protect our trees.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville

Tree Service Experts Louisville notes that the lifespan of trees can be expanded. According to the company, using regular tree pruning can help keep the trees in shape, remove unhealthy branches, and reduce overcrowding on tree crowns to increase sunlight access for photosynthesis. Tree Service Experts Louisville also notes that choosing tree species that are a good fit for Louisville’s weather can be a good way to avoid tree deaths.

“Whether it is in Louisville city or suburbs like Hurstbourne, Northfield, Prospect, Anchorage, Windy Hills, and Crestwood,” said the company’s CEO, wWe only recommend tree removal in circumstances where a tree cannot be saved. This includes circumstances when the tree has turned into a hazard, the tree is dead, or the tree has a disease that cannot be treated. In all the other circumstances, our team of tree cutting professionals Louisville will use other alternatives to save the tree.”

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The company noted that instead of using tree removal to create room for a property development project, property owners can always opt for transplanting. The company’s CEO indicated that even mature trees can be carefully moved from one position to another.

Tree Service Experts Louisville offices are located at 321 Townepark Cir, Louisville, KY 40243, United States. To talk to the company, call +1 502-516-2881 or send an email to

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