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Island Nutrition Is Offering Olive Leaf Extract Products For Sale

October 13, 2021
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Island Nutrition, a family-owned American company, has specialized in producing premium natural supplements for over a quarter-century, including what many consider to be the world's finest olive extracts and oregano oil extracts.

Since 1995, the Island brand has produced many successful nutritional wellness products, with strongly performing probiotics, enzymes, fish oils, herbs, and a comprehensive brain supplement that has often been imitated. But from the beginning, Island Nutrition has been a leader among olive leaf extracts.

A media relations executive from the company, Lisa Miller, talks about the range of Island Nutrition products by saying, “In 2015, we already had one of the few excellent olive leaf extracts. We recognized that Oleuropein is just one of many beneficial olive polyphenols, yet we had our sights on producing yet a more powerful world-class olive leaf product. And so, we broadened our approach to include a synergistic blend of other powerful polyphenols found in the olive leaf and olive fruit while maintaining a full spectrum of the natural ingredients. We believe the current Island olive products have taken olive leaf extract to another level.”

The Island Nutrition olive extracts come from olive-oil-producing non-GMO trees grown on centuries-old family farms in Spain, without pesticide, herbicide, fertilizer, or irrigation. The product called “Real European Olive Leaf Extract” is a combination of two separate extracts standardized for the best-studied olive polyphenols: One is an olive leaf extract standardized for the polyphenol Oleuropein. The other is an olive fruit extract standardized for a complex form of Hydroxytyrosol, which is also called the “beauty polyphenol,” along with other polyphenols and related olive phytonutrients. The olive extracts are produced at a state-of-the-art, olive-specific facility near the farms, using traditional chemical-free extraction to preserve a broad spectrum of olive polyphenols and phytonutrients that work together synergistically. There are no fillers, hidden ingredients, or whole-leaf powders.

The Hydroxytyrosol Complex is also available separately as an olive fruit extract. This extract is a unique form of natural Hydroxytyrosol from olives. It is standardized both for pure Hydroxytyrosol and also for a complex of Hydroxytyrosol with derivative polyphenols and other olive phytonutrients that occur together synergistically in the olive. Jeff Johnston, from the product development team, says, “Some other brands offer synthetic Hydroxytyrosol from China. The synthetic form is not real and does not include the natural cofactors. It will not have the same benefits.”

Island Nutrition also offers premium oregano oil products, which, like the olive extracts, are also grown and extracted in southern Spain. The oregano oil is offered as USDA-certified 100% organic oregano oil liquid drops and is also standardized for 75% natural Carvacrol. The liquid drops are a combination of two steam-distilled extracts, one made with fresh oregano and one made with dried oregano, for a broad spectrum of phytonutrients in addition to the carvacrol. The liquid drops are 100% pure and undiluted, which contains no carrier oil and no synthetic “spiking”.

For oral usage, oregano oil is also available in pre-filled capsules. Each capsule contains about 100mg (2.2 drops) of pure oregano oil in a lipid blend of organic sunflower lecithin, organic beeswax, and organic olive oil. This lipid combination forms an innovative delivery system referred to by the proprietary name Self-Emulsifying Extract Delivery System (S.E.E.D.S.). It is designed to help transport the emulsified oregano oil through the gut wall for improved bioavailability. It is also designed to allow a higher dose than other oregano oil capsules while avoiding enteric coating and soft gel plasticizers.

While many of the emphasized products are grown and extracted in Europe, Island Nutrition remains based in the USA. Lisa Miller talks about the company’s commitment to excellence by saying, “We are grateful to bring outstanding European extracts to the international market. We are an American company. However, our olive extracts are grown and extracted in Spain because that is the world’s premier source for vigorously healthy olive trees naturally rich in polyphenols. It has been the world center for olive science and cultivation since ancient Roman times, and that is where the experts are. Our position in southern Spain also led us to outstanding oregano oil. We are always looking for world-class products that are superior to the current market offerings, but discoveries like this are rare.”

This year, the company is celebrating its 26th anniversary under the Island banner. Readers can find out more about the company and its products by heading over to its website at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Island Nutrition:

Specializing in premium natural supplements including the world’s finest Spanish Olive Extracts & Oregano Extracts, which are 100% grown, harvested and extracted on centuries-old family farms in Andalusia Spain, the premier region for Olives & Olive Oil.

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