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Tree Service Experts Lexington Partners with City Government to Handle This Year’s Street Tree Trimming Procedures

September 08, 2021
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Lexington, Kentucky – This year’s street tree maintenance procedures will be handled by a team of professionals from Tree Service Experts Lexington. The company indicates that this will be an opportunity for its tree trimming team Lexington to set a standard for how good tree trimming should look like.

“It hasn’t been an easy process,” said the company’s CEO. “Closing this deal took about 4 months. But we are grand that everything worked out. Currently, the trees standing in the streets of Lexington are very overgrown. Most of them are out of shape while others are already dying from the inside since their inner branches cannot access enough sunlight because of the overcrowding. Our tree trimming Lexington team will change all of this in the next few weeks.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington

“Tree Service Experts Lexington was the most qualified company,” said the head of Lexington’s Street maintenance department, “They have modern tools, more than 25 years of experience, and know how to operate on every tree species that grows in Lexington. For this reason, we are very confident that our street trees will be in capable hands.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington is a company that boasts a team of passionate tree service providers. The company notes that its team’s years of field experience is backed by years of formal training. Using its knowledge and modern tools, Tree Service Experts Lexington can turn complicated tree maintenance procedures into safe procedures. To learn how tree Service Experts Lexington ensures safety during tree care procedures, check their website:

“While tree trimming is the most requested tree service,” said the company’s CEO, “Our team of tree cutting professionals Lexington is equipped to handle all types of tree care procedures. We handle tree pruning, tree service removal Lexington, stump removal, and even emergency tree service Lexington. These services are accessible to property owners inside Lexington and those located in areas surrounding this city. Our team of experts works hard to maintain healthy trees in neighborhoods like Wilmore, Georgetown, Versailles, Frankfort, Richmond, Nicholasville, Winchester, and Lawrenceburg.“

“One thing that all our customers appreciate is the fact that we maintain affordable prices throughout the year,” said the company’s CEO. “We want every commercial and residential property owner in the State of Kentucky to have access to professional tree services. We, therefore, maintain the lowest possible prices to show tree owners that good tree care does not have to be expensive.”

Tree Service Experts Lexington offices are located at 2285 Executive Dr, Lexington, KY 40505, United States. To contact the company, call +1 859-517-4272 or send an email to

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Tree Service Experts Lexington:

Tree Service Experts Lexington is a family-owned tree service company with over 25-years of experience caring for the natural landscape of communities in Lexington, KY. The company's goal is to provide exceptional tree service to all clients.

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