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Auto Accident Lawyer in Ontario Can Offer Help to Victims of Truck Accidents and Collision Injuries

September 14, 2021
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Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer, a law firm based in Ontario, CA, wants to emphasize that they can provide their help not just for car accidents but also for truck accidents, which can be more catastrophic than personal vehicles colliding. This is understandable because of the trucks’ much heavier weight, particularly for those that are fully loaded. And if the trucks are carrying hazardous or flammable materials, the result of the truck accident could even be much worse. And like most personal injury cases that are due to vehicular accidents, negligence has to be shown.

Those who have been injured in a truck accident must be able to show that the driver or trucking company failed in their duty to exercise reasonable care, which then caused harm or injury to the accident victim. When in need of a truck accident lawyer Ontario residents can request for a free and confidential consultation with Alexander D. Napolin and his team at Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer.

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“Choosing an accident injury law firm with a reputation of success is important,” says Alexander D. Napolin. “Many firms boast that their years in practice and past trial wins make them your best attorney choice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Case success means that a case is evaluated correctly, and then timely prosecuted in a way that improves the client's overall well-being. That's why my firm puts the focus on you and not on how much we have collected for others.”

The personal injury lawyer can help truck accident victims especially when initiating a lawsuit to determine the defendants. In a truck accident, it may not just be the truck driver that can be held liable. Other possible defendants who can be sued include contractors, trucking companies, and employers. When there is an employee-employer relationship, the shipping or trucking company may also be held liable for the driver’s negligence. This may be difficult if the truck driver is just an independent contractor of the trucking company. The primary factor is how much supervision is exercised by the company over the truck driver. It is highly possible that the company will have a separate policy. It is possible that the manufacturer or shipper of hazardous materials that are being transported by the truck may be held liable for any injuries sustained.

The auto accident lawyer Ontario residents can depend on will also be familiar with the unique dangers presented by truck accidents, especially with big rig 18 wheeler trucks. Big rigs tend to jackknife during certain conditions, such as sudden braking and slippery roads. It is important to note that if a big rig jackknifed because of the unforeseen slipperiness of the road or because the driver had to avoid hitting a motorist or pedestrian, the driver may not be held negligent. Meanwhile, while large trucks are difficult to turn and usually require the use of two lanes in order to make a turn, in general, the court has ruled that there was negligence on the part of the truck driver who used two lanes to make a turn.

Statistics show that almost 10 percent of car accident fatalities had to do with big trucks, such as tractor trailers and big rigs, and four percent of all injuries in crashes involving motor vehicles are caused by big trucks. When a large truck is involved in a crash, 85 percent of the fatalities and 77 percent of the people injured are the drivers and passengers of the smaller vehicles that got involved in the collision. Furthermore, during the last two decades, truck accidents have risen by 10 percent. This is usually due to the long driving hours and the tendency of truck drivers to go over speed limits to be able to meet tight deadlines.

Those who are interested in finding Southern California personal injury lawyers can go to the Napolin Accident Injury Lawyer website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, from Monday to Friday.

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