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After Recovering from Addiction at Resurgence Behavioral Health Costa Mesa Woman Dedicates Herself to Helping Others in Need

August 27, 2021
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Costa Mesa, CA - Filled with gratitude for her experience at a local addiction treatment center, a Costa Mesa woman is urging others like her to “help another suffering addict today.”

“This program gave me a foundation on which I built my sobriety from the ground up,” wrote Alyssa R., a former client at Resurgence California, in an emotional five-star review on Google. “I am blessed to be able to help other alcoholics/addicts like they once helped me.”

Resurgence California is part of Resurgence Behavioral Health, a nationwide network of drug and alcohol treatment centers. The Costa Mesa facility offers customized treatment programs on the entire continuum of care, from medically assisted detox through rehab and long-term follow-up.

In her review, Alyssa was passionate in her support for the program – “from the groups to the therapy to the outdoor activities, daily morning meditation and on. I cannot verbalize adequately enough how Resurgence completely saved me. Saved me from my lifestyle and my addiction. Saved me from my warped mindset and gave me a sense of hope that allows me to actually live again and truly love myself for me. Resurgence saved me from the prison I locked myself in mentally, gave my kids their mom back, gave me a life worth living and taught me how to get honest with myself.”

Resurgence’s treatment programs are uniquely designed to treat the whole person, with therapy that fits each client’s individual needs and treatment that goes deeper than just drug or alcohol addiction. Many people use drugs or alcohol in an attempt to cope with depression or anxiety, often related to traumatic episodes in life. Realizing that addiction may only be a symptom of an underlying mental health issue, Resurgence offers dual-diagnosis treatment that approaches co-occurring substance abuse and mental health conditions simultaneously. Resurgence’s approach is in line with current addiction science which shows that if addiction alone is treated without looking at the mental or emotional roots of the disorder, the addiction is likely to return as a form of self-medication.

This comprehensive approach is delivered with the latest behavioral and cognitive therapies. But while clients receive medically supervised treatment, the atmosphere is far from the sterile, institutional environment one might expect. Instead, Resurgence California offers a home-like setting that creates a calming environment where each client can relax, learn, and participate in a recovery process that can lead them to sustained sobriety.

In this peaceful environment, Resurgence provides several unique programs to smooth the path to success in recovery. Pets are allowed, as Resurgence believes they offer essential emotional comfort. Couples can attend therapy together, although they live in separate accommodations for residential care. Smoking is allowed outdoors, and clients can have access to cell phones after a two-week stabilization period.

At every Resurgence facility, which includes locations in California, Texas, and Tennessee, the staff is the heart of the program. Highly experienced, they have a true passion for helping others. About half are in recovery themselves, so they bring a unique understanding of clients’ experiences and needs – and are living proof that treatment works and recovery is possible.

Alyssa found recovery at Resurgence and now reaches out to help others begin the journey she discovered in Costa Mesa. She urges anyone struggling with addiction to see what she calls H.O.P.E.: Hold On Peace Exists.

“We can’t keep what we don’t give away,” she wrote in her review. “Help another suffering addict today. Help them find peace. Help them find H.O.P.E.”

“Had I never found Resurgence, I would’ve never found peace. And for that, I cannot thank them enough.”

For more information and to speak with an addiction specialist, contact Resurgence Behavioral Health at 855-458-0050 or visit

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