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The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Explains What is Considered a Wrongful Death

August 23, 2021
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Atlanta, Georgia -

The Mabra Firm is the leading personal injury law firm in Atlanta, GA. Its team of wrongful death lawyers specializes in fighting for the rights of victims of someone’s misconduct or negligence. In a recent blog post, they explain what is considered wrongful death. Read it here: A wrongful death lawsuit seeks compensation for the survivor’s losses and that of their family members. The top Atlanta Wrongful Death Lawyer is aware of the legal complexities in suing the negligent party for wrongful death.

A wrongful death claim is a type of lawsuit filed after the death of someone due to another person’s legal fault. Such claims can involve all types of fatal accidents. This includes medical malpractice, product liability, and car accidents. A wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta is aware of the legal jargon and can work for the rights of victims against the negligent party, which may include people, companies, and government agencies for acting negligently and causing the death of another person. In a previous press release, The Mabra Law Firm offers services in Atlanta for wrongful death cases.

The best wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta understand the four key elements of such cases to bring about a valid wrongful death claim. A personal injury attorney must prove the negligence of the other party in the accident that caused the death of the deceased. Another important element that an Atlanta, GA, wrongful death attorney tries to prove is the breach of duty of care toward the victim due to their negligent actions. A wrongful death lawyer in Atlanta, Georgia, focuses on gathering a list of quantifiable damages. The Mabra Firm lists such damages as burial expenses, hospitalizations, medical expenses, loss of potential earnings, funeral expenses, loss of income, loss of protection, guidance, and inheritance, and loss of consortium. The damages also include the pain and suffering of the victim before their death.

An experienced Atlanta wrongful death attorney works hard to prove these damages by collecting and building solid and convincing evidence, including the testimony of expert witnesses. A representative of the deceased’s estate files a wrongful death claim on behalf of the survivors who had a relationship with the victim. The state of Georgia allows a spouse or the parent of a minor to bring a wrongful death action on behalf of the deceased person. Minors are also eligible to collect compensation for the wrongful death of their parent.

According to The Mabra Firm, the more distant the familial relationship, the harder it is for relatives to receive financial compensation in a wrongful death case. Anyone that can prove financial dependence on the deceased can get legal assistance from wrongful death lawyers in Atlanta, Georgia, for filing a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death lawsuits in Atlanta can also be filed against a drunk driver whose negligent driving behavior resulted in an automobile accident, the designer or builder of a faulty roadway or building, government agents for failing to provide adequate warnings against a road hazard, the person who served alcohol to the impaired driver, and the owner of the premises where the drinks were served.

The Mabra Firm has a team of wrongful death lawyers in Georgia who work hard to prove the negligence of the guilty party in causing the fatal accident that resulted in the death of the victim. They are well-versed in the state’s laws and can get the financial compensation their clients deserve for their personal loss and financial damages. The Mabra Firm’s team of top Atlanta wrongful death lawyers is available for a free consultation at 404-344-5255.

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