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CDMG Highlights Metal Building Capabilities

August 23, 2021
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Pennsylvania-based metal building supplier, CDMG, has recently highlighted their pre-engineered metal buildings services.

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One of the big advantages that the metal building supplier discusses is the durability that pre-engineered metal building kits offer. Steel structures can withstand harsher weather than traditional building materials can. In the case of intense storms, high winds, or even heavy snow, metal buildings often receive very little damage or wear and tear.

In addition to holding up in strong storms, CDMG also states that metal buildings are durable because they don't have to deal with the rodent or insect infestation that other structures have to deal with.

They highlight termites in particular that can wreak havoc on lumber buildings. Termites can go undetected for long periods of time, and the damage they cause isn't noticed until it's a problem. The cost of repairing damage caused by termites and ensuring that they are no longer an issue within the building can negatively affect the business' bottom line, and revenue states the Pennsylvania metal building company. This highlights another benefit of metal buildings; they are cost-effective.

One of the ways pre-engineered metal buildings are more cost-effective for businesses, CDMG explains, is through the minimal upkeep and maintenance they require.

"Wood rots and concrete can crack or chip away, but metal buildings don't face these types of concerns," states Thomas Corry, manager of CDMG's metal building division.

"It's one of the reasons, so many more businesses are choosing to build with steel. They are durable and can help businesses keep costs down through low maintenance costs," Corry says.

In addition to lower maintenance costs, prefabricated steel building kits also help with keeping energy costs down. With deeper wall cavities, building with steel allows for better insulation states CDMG. This helps keep the costs of heating and cooling the facility down.

The metal building designers also state that with options like cool metal roofing, steel buildings can continue to help decrease energy costs and reduce the heat island effect.

Another significant advantage that CDMG showcases are the versatility metal buildings offer.

"Metal buildings offer open floor space designs which are perfect for warehouses, distribution centers, and recreational facilities," states Corry.
Corry continues, stating, "in addition, if the business' needs ever change, expansion is much easier with a metal building kit."

This versatility offers businesses the chance to grow without a costly redesign or possible move.

CDMG has been providing pre-engineered metal building kits for a wide range of industries. From warehouses to houses of worship, airplane hangars, or data centers, metal buildings offer businesses several benefits.

Those interested in a pre-engineered metal building kit for their next project can contact CDMG via their website.

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