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Clean Group Explains COVID Cleaning In Sydney

August 25, 2021
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Sydney, New South Wales -

Sydney, NSW based Clean Group [ Tel: 1300141946 ] would like to reach out to the wider public and share important information about COVID cleaning services in Sydney NSW. Given the current situation, the company hopes that this insight will help their community protect themselves better.

The COVID-19 virus first appeared in 2019. Since then, it has spread rapidly across the world and has started a pandemic. Nations have implemented country and city-wide lockdowns, social distancing and other safety protocols in response, affecting everyone from office goers to health workers to business owners. This has also made COVID-19 cleaning one of the most essential services today.

Covid cleaning services

COVID-19 cleaning is a specialised means of cleaning and disinfecting an area with the goal of removing the COVID-19 virus. It goes beyond just removing the infection. It involves deep sanitisation to limit the spread of the virus. Anyone can ask for this service, but it is particularly useful to businesses given the fact that commercial properties and offices are more vulnerable to infection. COVID-19 spreads through physical contact and respiratory actions (such as sneezing and coughing). In most offices, employees come into constant contact with each other. This means that even a single case can infect the entire area and endanger everyone inside the business’ premises. Fortunately, COVID-19 cleaning can help businesses ensure the safety and wellbeing of both their clients and employees.

COVID-19 cleaning services are not only for businesses that have had confirmed cases of COVID-19. They are also suited for businesses that wish to proactively protect themselves against the virus. There are two main types of COVID-19 cleaning services — prevention and decontamination. Preventive COVID-19 cleaning services involve sanitising high-contact surfaces and fixtures, constantly cleaning high-traffic areas and the use of effective disinfectants. This type of COVID-19 cleaning is designed to protect premises against contamination and infection. Meanwhile, complete decontamination refers to the thorough cleaning, sanitisation and disinfection of given premises. This is more suited to businesses that have already had confirmed cases of COVID-19.

However, not all commercial cleaning providers are capable of providing these services at a suitable standard. After all, effective COVID-19 cleaning requires a high degree of skill, experience and training. Without the necessary expertise, cleaners will not be able to fully decontaminate and clean businesses and equipment that have been exposed to COVID-19. As such, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that only cleaners who specialise in COVID-19 commercial cleaning are hired. Commercial cleaners who have been properly trained to provide COVID-19 cleaning services safely make use of the appropriate equipment and chemicals to ensure that all traces of COVID-19 are eradicated. They provide antiviral sanitization and disinfection in addition to commercial cleaning, which lets their customers regain their COVID-safe status.

Businesses can look for certain traits in a quality commercial cleaning service. Quality commercial cleaners should offer free quotes, have a solid amount of experience in commercial cleaning, be trained in the proper use of cleaning equipment, guarantee the treatment of all hard surfaces, have good customer testimonials and provide all necessary information regarding their service. One such commercial cleaning service is Clean Group, a top cleaning provider that offers a variety of commercial cleaning services, including urgent COVID cleaning.

Clean Group has received lots of praise for the professional cleaning services that they provide. Allanah M. says in a testimonial featured on the Clean Group website, “If you need a one-stop cleaning solution that can do both the routine cleaning and some odd cleaning requests that can pop along the way, Clean Group is the best solution. I had my childcare flooded on one occasion, and I cannot imagine the stress that I had back then. Good thing that I have Clean Group as my regular cleaner. They called me and told me that they also do steam cleaning. They took my worries right there and then.”

Terry M. says in another featured testimonial, “I have been changing cleaners after cleaners. I lost faith in commercial cleaning and what it can do until I met Clean Group.” The review adds, “It was all well handled, from the first meeting to the actual cleaning. They have exceptional cleaners that work very hard to maintain consistency with their job. Now, I never worry about how my small office will look like the following morning. I can sleep soundly knowing that Clean Group has my back, and they keep my office pretty and neat.”

Businesses in need of affordable deep COVID-19 cleaning in Sydney NSW are welcome to contact Suji Siv of Clean Group to discuss their requirements in further detail or schedule a meeting. Additional information is available on the company’s official website as well. For those who want to know "How to Protect your company staff from COVID-19?" Call them.

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