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University Marketing and Promotions Shares Tips on Marketing to College Students

August 19, 2021
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University Marketing & Promotions, a niche college marketing agency, is helping brands reach out to millions of college students nationwide. The company has released an article that shares simple strategies to reach college students that are preparing to head back to school after their break.

College students don’t fit into a single mold. They are a diverse group with their own unique experiences dictated by their age, location, gender, and economic capacity. Reaching out to the demographic is not a straightforward matter as it takes a keen eye for innovation to create a marketing message that appeals to the broad spectrum of college students. College students are perceptive enough to see through the marketing fluff and are smart enough to understand when they are being gaslighted. The company takes this understanding of the college demographic and suggests some key areas of improvement that can take a marketing campaign from dead on arrival to something that resonates with the target audience.

First, due to the overwhelming presence of media that distracts the young and old alike in the internet age, it becomes critical to create a pitch that conveys the most about a company’s offering while still remaining intriguing enough to compel them to click on the headline. College students are usually ready to move on to the next latest and greatest trend that is jostling for their attention. It, therefore, becomes important to be creative in one’s approach when trying to appeal to this demographic.

Second, once the reader has been hooked, it is important to keep them reading and stopping them from moving on to the next thing that demands their attention. Some companies go overboard in this department by creating content that relies heavily on witty and trendy slang. More often than not, this approach comes off as a nakedly obvious attempt at pandering that doesn’t work and instead backfires with the intended audience tuning out the company’s further attempts to reach out.

Another technique recommended by University Marketing & Promotions to make sure that the target audience is paying attention is to intersperse the content with other forms of media to break the monotony. Tools such as infographics and videos are a good way to increase engagement while at the same time condensing the information one is trying to convey into a more digestible format.

When one is crafting content that is aimed at any audience, it is important to understand their wants and needs. It is important to have a level of insight that guides the content creation process so that it is laser-focused on solving the problems that the target demographic is most likely to face. When it comes to marketing to college students, it is recommended to produce content that helps them do better at school. The content can also be focused on addressing their extracurricular interests and passions and helping them succeed in building an overall well-rounded personality.

Campus events are also a great way to reach out to college students as it brings out those that are most active in campus life. It is a marketing channel that has a huge potential for creating brand awareness. Sponsoring the causes that appeal the most to the campus audience creates goodwill that goes a long way towards creating brand loyalty.

Campus newspapers and magazines reach a large and vibrant readership that is enticing for a brand aiming to get the attention of college students. Placing ads and handing out promotional discounts and deals in these forms of campus media can give companies real tangible returns on their marketing spend. Asking students to sign up for a mailing list can also be used to get direct contact information that can be leveraged to run more personalized campaigns in the future. Finally, companies can try reaching out to influencers on social media and offering them commissions in exchange for access to their audience.

Readers can read more about the company’s marketing expertise and experience by heading to the OOH College Marketing Facebook page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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