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FLO Cycling Publishes Guide On Gravel Bike Wheels

August 17, 2021
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Las Vegas, Nevada -

Las Vegas, Nevada based bike wheel manufacturer FLO Cycling is reaching out to cycling enthusiasts to share their online guide on the best gravel bike wheels. FLO Cycling uses forward-thinking engineering to create some of the best bike wheels available for triathletes, road and gravel cyclists.

Jon Thornham of FLO Cycling says, “Today, gravel bikes are all the rage. Whether to get farther out into nature or just to avoid traffic and inattentive drivers, more and more cyclists are choosing to add gravel to their repertoire of rides. To be fair, riding gravel is fun. As a newer cycling niche, very few companies are making bike wheelsets exclusively for gravel and adventure cycling, which is why it can be quite hard to find the right gravel wheels for your specific needs. Our guide is meant to help you with that issue.”

In a recent blog post, FLO Cycling explains that a gravel wheelset is simply a set of bicycle wheels that are used for the purpose of riding on unpaved, gravel roads. However, not all gravel wheelsets are the same. There are many factors involved in what makes a gravel wheel, and some are uniquely tailored to the discipline — and offer clear advantages.

The company’s expertise in the topic of gravel wheels is well established, as they were the first brand to design a deep-section carbon wheel 100% devoted to gravel. Offering disc brake gravel wheel sizes in both 700c and 650b, the company has a wheel that is fast, durable and a leader in engineered design. Computational fluid dynamics and wind tunnel testing shows this is one of the fastest gravel wheels currently available.

The guide also makes it clear that, while cyclists can choose to use a mountain bike wheel or a road bike wheel for gravel riding, it is not recommended. It explains, “Road bike wheels are designed to perform best with more narrow tires, typically in the 28 mm range. For most gravel riding, a 28 mm tire is going to be too narrow to offer a comfortable ride and to avoid pinch flats. Gravel riders typically run wider tires (32 mm through even 50, though most settle between 38-42 mm typically.) Gravel wheelsets also typically have a wider internal rim width to accommodate these wider tires. These wider rims allow for a greater contact patch (the amount of tire touching the surface, be it gravel or tarmac), which improves traction.”

Further, gravel wheels accommodate gravel tires, which allow the tire pressure to be run significantly lower than most road wheelsets. This means that the tire is able to absorb more of the vibrations transmitted by the gravel, making the wheel faster and more comfortable. It is faster because the compliance of the tire allows less vertical up and down travel during riding (which technically, requires a greater distance to be covered by the cyclist) and more comfortable because all that chatter is not transmitted up into the rider. The technical term for this is impedance.

This may lead to a different question as to why cyclists are unable to use gravel wheels on their road bike. The blog post explains that the wide rims and wide gravel tires typically do not fit on more narrowly constructed road bike frames. The seat stays and chain stays on most road bikes are too narrow, and cause rubbing. For this reason, it is best to avoid attempting to use a gravel wheelset on a road bike unless the cyclist is absolutely sure it will fit.

The full post (which can be found on the company’s blog space) breaks down all the differences between gravel wheels and the other types of wheels, going into specific detail on all the particulars that a cycling enthusiast needs to know before engaging in gravel rides.

Those who want to learn more about FLO Cycling, their range of bike wheels or their services are welcome to visit the company's website for more information. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with FLO Cycling via email or phone to follow up on any further inquiries. Social media users may follow the company on their preferred platforms in order to stay abreast of their latest activities, announcements and offers.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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