Locbit and AmbyGear Create Collaboration Between IoT and Wearable Devices

October 02, 2015
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September 30, 2015 - Silicon Valley companies, Locbit and AmbyGear, announced their collaboration designed to integrate wearable devices and the Internet of Things.​

The Ambygear smartwatch uses gamification to bring out the best in children while keeping them safe. With AmbyGear, parents can create challenges for their kids that encourage them to be more physically active while developing organizational and time management skills. An AmbyGear priority is making a consistent user experience across their smartwatch, iOS/Android app, and web interface.​

Locbit’s IoT Cloud Platform makes it easy to connect everyone to everything, everywhere. Locbit is a streamlined solution for devices to control other sensors and devices, perform analysis, and trigger automated workflows.​

Patrick Muggler, CEO of AmbyGear, believes that, “our collaboration with Locbit will help us focus on improving the user experience. Using Locbit to integrate our backend will reduce complexity, and Locbit's Common Machine Language (CML) technology will power our analytical tools while maintaining a high level of data security. We will have more time to help children make the most out of every minute.”​

Locbit CEO Boian Spassov said, “With Amby Gear being the first start-up to take advantage of the Locbit Platform,  Locbit has officially entered the wearables and consumer market as a platform. We at Locbit are extremely excited for the future of this partnership. We look forward to helping AmbyGear grow beyond its initial purpose, with analytics and data that enables 3rd parties, such as parks and schools, to provide better services and greater safety to their customers using AmbyGear smartwatches”​

The two companies are working together to create new experiences for kids using wearable devices, providing parents peace of mind and connecting families. With a platform that gamifies daily activities, AmbyGear and Locbit will unlock new categories of games and applications with the soon to be released SDK and a growing community of developers. ​

AmbyGear team consists of parents, engineers, designers and creators focused on empowering kids with a smartwatch that inspires independence & confidence and provides peace of mind to parents. Visit their website to learn how the smart use of technology can bring out the best in kids.​

Locbit’s contact information and list of team members can be found on their website. Here, those interested in taking advantage of Locbit’s services can make inquiries, read more about how analytics work to streamline other businesses, and view case studies on the efficiency of this cloud based automation system. The company has made it clear that they hope to assist each client rapidly connect their devices to the cloud, harness the power of analytics and cloud computing, and automatically control critical tasks.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Locbit:

Locbit is an internet of things software company that is dedicated to saving energy costs, reducing risk due to system failures, and increasing operational efficiencies.

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Boian Spassov
6650 Lusk Blvd Suite B205
San Diego, CA 92121
(858) 412-4199

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