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New Arrowhead Clinic Article Discusses How Many Times a Patient Must See a Chiropractor After A Car Accident

August 09, 2021
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Peachtree City, Georgia -

Arrowhead Clinic is a chiropractic care facility that specializes in treating some of the most common musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries that occur as a result of automobile accidents. This clinic also likes to offer its patients a well-rounded treatment experience. That includes posting many blogs to its website that keep its patients and others informed about the various aspects of car accident chiropractic care. A good example of this is a blog article the clinic recently posted on its website called 'How Many Times Should I Go to The Chiropractor After A Car Accident?'

The newly posted Arrowhead Clinic article started by acknowledging that auto accidents can be very traumatic on the human body. This can encompass everything from minor aches and pains that quickly pass to much more serious and painful injuries that can linger around indefinitely. When these types of car crash-related injuries occur, people often seek out chiropractic care. It was also noted in the article that no two people ever respond the exact same way to the chiropractic treatments that they receive, so it is impossible to give a patient concrete information as to the timeframe of their recovery. The newly posted article next tackled the subject of whether or not a victim needs to see a chiropractor after a car accident? Also discussed was when a victim should definitely go see a chiropractor and how often this must be done. This blog post even offered tips on the steps a patient can take that may accelerate their healing process. Lastly, the recently posted article talked about how the chiropractic professionals at the Arrowhead Clinic are always willing to talk to car accident victims as to the many different ways that the clinic might be able to help them. This blog can be read in its entirety here at


Arrowhead Clinic’s founder, Dr. Harry Brown, expanded on this further by saying, “As you have learned from reading our latest blog, it would be fairly irresponsible for any chiropractor or other medical professional to attach a specific number to the amount of times a patient will have to visit them before that patient’s auto accident injury treatments are completed. This is especially true when you factor in the unpredictable nature of musculoskeletal and soft tissue injuries. The only thing that we at Arrowhead clinic will ever guarantee when you come to us for help with injuries sustained in a car crash is that you will get chiropractic care that uses the latest & best treatments available and we will use treatments that usually work in the shortest amount of time.”

Dr. Brown said that the auto-accident injuries that they regularly attempt to treat include whiplash, soft tissue damage, broken bones, scarring, head & spine trauma, neck & back pain, and paralysis. They also can help those that have been injured as a result of slip & fall incidents, workplace accidents, and sports mishaps. He also wanted car accident injury victims to note that because of their over 40-years of experience working with auto accident-related injuries, they have established an attorney referral system that includes some of the most respected personal injury attorneys in the areas of Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina that they serve. With the close working relationship that their clinics have formed with nearby personal injury attorneys, they are also privy to what the typical settlement amounts for auto accident injuries are.

Those that have sought car accident treatments from Arrowhead Clinic often report being more than satisfied with the help they have received. Antonio Harrison stated, “Great experience! Treatment is awesome! Amazing doctor/staff. Appreciate everything they’ve done for me so far and everything they’re doing. Very professional. Strongly recommend anyone who is pursuing treatment due to an accident to use Arrowhead Clinic.” Antonio Posey proclaimed, “I sought chiropractor care at the request of an urgent care doctor following a rear-end collision. Arrowhead Clinic came highly recommended. This was my first time visiting a chiropractor and I did not know what to expect. The entire team at this clinic is friendly and helped me transition through my discomfort following the accident. I would highly recommend them!”

Those with car crash-related injuries that are nearby any of Arrowhead Clinic’s locations in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia and would like more information on the clinic’s reputable auto accident injury treatments can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the free consultation form that’s found on the clinic’s website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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