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Andover Dentist Affordable Dental Implants Treatment Offered Both In UK And India

July 19, 2021
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Dr Manish Chitnis, principal cosmetic dentist at Dental Concepts in Andover, Hampshire, UK, is well aware of financial challenges faced by some of the patients needing extensive dental implants treatment to replace missing teeth.

It is now widely known that dentures do not provide the same quality of chewing experience like dental implants do. Dental implants look and function like real natural teeth. This is the reason why dental implants are now considered to be the gold standard for replacing fallen teeth. Hence, the demand for dental implants is on the rise.

At Dental Concepts, patients are offered professional dental implants treatment at an affordable cost. To make it even more affordable for patients, Dental Concepts has signed up with a third-party finance company to provide a monthly payment plan. Depending on the status of the patient and the period over which the payment plan extends, it is also possible to get an interest-free monthly payment plan.

For more information about the Dental Concepts practice and its payment plans for patients, visit:

The practice has been providing dental implants treatments for several years. Over this time, Dr Manish Chitnis recognised that for patients requiring extensive dental implants treatment, such as several implants or even full mouth implants, the costs were prohibitive for some patients. He saw how many patients decided to go overseas for their dental implant treatment to save on dental implants cost.

The major problem that comes to haunt some of the patients who resorted to dental tourism for getting their dental implants is that they are left on their own, if a medical problem arises after the placement of the dental implants and after their return back to UK. There are several hundred different implant systems available in the market worldwide. Without knowledge and experience particular to the implant system placed in a patient, a local implants dentist may not be able to help the patient in trouble. The patient may have to fly back to the country where they received the treatment, provided the dental practice there accepts to help them. The costs, that were to be held low for the treatment, could spiral out of control. The problems compound even more when one considers the fact that dentists overseas may not underlie the kind of intense professional accountability that dentists underlie in the UK.

Dr Manish Chitnis wanted to help patients who require extensive dental treatment at a rate more affordable than a UK-based dental practice could offer. He also wanted to provide aftercare in the UK should any complication ever arise after the overseas treatment. To achieve this, he invested in a dental clinic in Mumbai, India. His practice in India is called Integrated Dental Concepts.

“All the cosmetic dental treatments that are conducted in India follow the same procedures that we follow here in our dental practices in the UK,” Stated Dr Manish Chitnis. “This gives us and our patients the peace of mind, knowing that, other than cost and location, the treatment quality standards are the same. And if any problem were to happen in a rare instance, we will be able to help the patient without them having to fly back to overseas.”

More about the dental implant treatment offered by Dental Concepts can be read here:

The dental tourism service offering that Dental Concepts delivers to it patients is quite unique. Patients interested in this dental service are encouraged to contact Dental Concepts and enquire. There is a dedicated webpage that describes the service here:

Dental Concepts is a family-friendly private general and cosmetic dental practice with UK locations in Andover, Whitchurch, Poole/Sandbanks and Southampton. Visit the links provided in this article or call on +44-1264-313-999.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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