Brighton and Hove Marketing Agency Quantum Business Dynamics Launches Reputation Marketing Service to Increase Website Conversions

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Quantum Business Dynamics, a marketing agency based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, UK, announces the launch of their review marketing technology, The technology is part of their Review Maestro reputation management and marketing suite and is especially designed to help local businesses increase their website conversions. The technology enables customer reviews to be streamed in real time to the business' website to cultivate consumer trust.

George Ogunsiji, Business Growth Strategist at Quantum Business Dynamics, says, “Reputation marketing takes branding a step further. Rather than focusing on the overarching themes that your company wants to portray, a coherent comprehensive reputation strategy involves first building a five-star reputation and harnessing the positive feedback from customers following their 5-star experience. Social proof and third party endorsements are some of the most powerful collateral you have. The second part of an effective reputation strategy involves promoting that collateral as widely as possible to generate new business.”

George Ogunsiji emphasises that a business’ online reputation is out there for the entire world to see whether that business plays an active role in managing their reputation, or simply leaves it to chance. Consumers wield significant power in influencing or determining a company's reputation by virtue of their online reviews. However, businesses can stay one step ahead by monitoring directories and media channels, to check what people may be saying about them online. They can also take control by delivering excellent products and services and ensuring that their customers have a great experience.

But after developing such a great reputation, the question remains - just how a business can promote its reputation effectively to increase revenue.

Quantum Business Dynamics provides local businesses with a solution to this quandary. According to George Ogunsiji their review marketing technology leverages a company’s reputation to increase website conversions by as much as 259 percent.

According to the Brighton and Hove marketing agency, there are seven mistakes that businesses commonly make when trying to use their testimonials to promote their business. The first of these mistakes is the common practice of using just one page on their website to showcase their reviews. The second failing is that the businesses do not display any evidence of the reviews ever being verified, so their visitors might not believe the reviews to be honest or genuine. Third, the review display may not be mobile friendly, and may therefore be difficult to read clearly on a mobile device. Fourth, the reviews are not regularly updated, so many of the reviews may be several months old This lessens the beneficial impact of the testimonials as, according to the Search Engine Journal, 85% of consumers do not consider reviews older than 3 months to be relevant. Fifth, the testimonial page doesn’t really grab the attention of site visitors and there are no directory icons, which means visitors don’t really know where the reviews came from. And finally, there is no call to action to encourage visitors to take a desired action such as calling the business.

George Ogunsiji remarks that the technology offered by Quantum Business Dynamics solves each of these issues. "With our solution," states Ogunsiji, "every testimonial or review can be seen by website visitors no matter what page that visitor may be on as the reviews will be visible at the bottom of every page. All reviews are also 100 percent mobile friendly, verified and updated automatically everyday. Whenever a new review is received, it is automatically added to the website." He also adds that the reviews are displayed using perfectly time scrolling and that directory icons are provided to show the source of the reviews. Furthermore, the technology enables visitors to click to call the business while on the site, and it incorporates a retargeting pixel feature. "This latter feature," says George Ogunsiji, "is a massive promotional benefit, as it allows the business to get seen by its visitors wherever they go on the internet for up to three months following their initial visit. This builds brand familiarity and awareness as the visitor gets to see the business wherever they go so that business stays top of mind. The visitor grows to know like and trust that business and that makes they visitor more inclined to choose that business when looking to make a purchase.”

The reputation marketing technology is available through Quantum Business Dynamics through a monthly or yearly arrangement. It is currently available for free for 30 days so that clients can try it first.

Those who would like to learn more about the services offered by Quantum Business Dynamics can visit their website at, or contact them through the telephone or via email.

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Quantum Business Dynamics are a marketing analysis and research consultancy based in Brighton and Hove, UK

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Quantum Business Dynamics, 126 Shirley Street, Hove, East Sussex BN3 3WG, UK

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