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EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Offers Pembroke Pines Landscaping Services

June 15, 2021
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EPS Landscaping & Tree Service Pembroke Pines is happy to announce that they are providing their landscaping services in the area of Pembroke Pines, FL, and neighboring areas. They offer landscaping services to local customers in Pembroke Pines and the greater Broward County FL area. Landscaping design refers to modifying the appearance of outdoor space. This can be divided into two categories: hardscape and softscape. Hardscape has to do with how a space uses physical objects as decor. Softscape refers to how plants can be added to an outdoor space.

Greg O'Connell, a spokesperson for EPS Landscaping & Tree Service, says, “Not only does landscaping add aesthetic appeal to a property, but it can also enhance its value. Your style choice will depend on the outdoor space’s purpose, such as incorporating a dining area onto the patio to entertain guests. The planning process usually involves having a rough outline, making some measurements, and determining which designs will fit where.”

Pembroke Pines FL Landscaping Services

He adds, “Landscape architecture is slightly different as it’s the art of planning and designing an outdoor area as a whole. This may be on a college campus, an urban park, or a nature preserve. A landscape architect has to understand the surrounding ecological and soil conditions to create a well thought out plan for professional installation by a Pembroke Pines landscaping services contractor.”

It is important to note that EPS Landscaping & Tree Service is familiar with tropical landscaping, which is suitable for Florida’s humid climate and region. Tropical landscaping may actually be more complex with regards to mapping out compared to other landscaping types because it usually requires the use of several kinds of plants that need different methods of care. Taking into account the sunlight and distance between plant pots is also important in transforming one’s garden into a lush tropical paradise.

Some of the common features of a tropical landscape are: big, vibrant leaves; water features such as a small waterfall or a pool; lava rock; and island decor, such as tiki torches or hanging lights. An good tip is to purchase plants that are locally sourced and available in Pembroke Pines area nurseries. This will decrease the plants’ time in freezer storage and this will extend their longevity. Some plants that are naturally appropriate for low-water tropical settings are daylilies, plumeria, birds of paradise, rose of sharon, and zephyranthes.

In addition, placing plants with similar watering needs next to each other will help save on water costs. It may also be a good idea to use artificial grass instead of natural grass to conserve water for the other plants. A rain sensor when combined with an automatic irrigation system can also help save water during rainy weather.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that pool landscaping natural complements tropical landscaping. The tropical plants will not beautify the swimming pool area, but they are typically low-maintenance. Hiring a landscaping professional can help ensure that the area near the pool will look great, while also meeting the property owner’s specific requirements.

EPS Landscaping & Tree Service recommends opting for landscaping features that are low-maintenance, are safe for pets and children, and will not be a tripping hazard near the pool. They also encourage the use of landscape elements that will provide shade and privacy.

They want to point out that depending on the scope of the project, landscaping installation may require an afternoon or a few weeks to complete. Some projects will need architectural consulting depending on their complexity, and it is vital to ensure that the company has the credentials that fit the property owner’s needs.

The primary goal of landscape installations is to add decor to the home’s exterior that makes it appear renovated enough and make it distinctive. Plants are often installed, and the property owner may want to ask for additional services such as watering methods, preferred kinds of fertilizer, frequency of pruning.

Those who are interested in landscaping services in Pembroke Pines and surrounding areas can check out the EPS Landscaping & Tree Service website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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