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Ultimate Flags Is Celebrating Memorial Day Weekend With A Vast Lineup Of Flag Offerings

May 25, 2021
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Okeechobee, Florida -

Ultimate Flags, a flag manufacturer and online store, is urging its customers and citizens who are looking forward to Memorial Day weekend to use the day to honor the fallen soldiers who died for the country instead of looking at it as just the weekend to kick off the summer. Readers looking to buy flags to commemorate the day can find Ultimate Flags on Google to order their favorite flags today.

The federal holiday of Memorial Day is instituted to honor and mourn the military personnel who died while serving the United States. It is a common tradition to visit cemeteries and memorials to pay respects to the fallen soldiers. However, a lot of people who have lost touch with the soul of the nation, view it as just an unofficial start to the summer. Ultimate Flags reminds its customers and readers to go back to the origin of the holiday to honor those who laid down their lives to keep the rest of their countrymen safe.

2nd amendment flag

A spokesperson for the company speaks about the holiday and its importance by saying, “We are standing on the shoulders of giants. There is not a single citizen today who does not benefit from the actions of the brave soldiers who stormed the beaches at Normandy, defended our country’s values in Vietnam and secured the safety of our nation in the Middle East. We owe a great deal of gratitude to all of them. We should come together as a country to pledge that we will take this federal holiday seriously and use it as more than just a way to revel in the creature comforts that our freedom has granted us. Here at Ultimate Flags, we firmly believe that if we make that decision and follow through on that promise, our nation as a whole will be stronger and more resilient to the challenges that it is facing today.”

Ultimate Flags hosts a wide range of flags celebrating 2nd amendment & patriotism such as Trump flags, rebel flags, confederate flags, rebel lives matter flags, Gadsden flags, military flags, US state flags, first responder flags, and more. The store also carries other flags such as historic war flags, Texas flags, fire department flags, police/law enforcement flags, country & national flags, city & province flags, St. Patrick’s Irish flags, garden flags, advertising flags, real estate portable flags, peace flags, religion flags, holiday flags, international flags, holiday flags, nautical flags, car flags, truck flags, and more. It also sells other items such as hats & ball caps, license plates, metal signs, flag hardware, flag poles, and more.

The store’s vast lineup has something for everyone who is looking to make a bold statement about their thoughts on the nation and its values. Almost all designs from Ultimate Flags are made and manufactured wholly in the USA. The store also carries imported flag items for those looking for lower-cost alternatives. The company states that with every purchase, the buyer is supporting an all-American business and paying wages for American workers.

Average delivery times for the orders from their warehouse are 2-3 business days for the Eastern USA and 3-5 business days for the Western USA addresses. They also ship to Canada within 10 days to 2 weeks. They also offer overnight or express shipping. The company normally ships all orders via US Postal Service First Class or Priority Mail. The company has a 30-day return policy through the request of an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) over email.

The company’s spokesperson speaks on the company’s mission by saying, “We want to give those that go unheard a voice. A flag is a great way to express your love towards this great nation or the cause that you hold dear. You can never go wrong by buying one of our creations and flying them high where everyone can see them. Our high-quality flags will retain their designs and colors without fading, just like your love for this country. You can head over to our social media to view site and contact information.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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