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Traverse City Roofing: Rising Roofing Costs Coming

May 20, 2021
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MI based Traverse City Roofing is taking measures to warn their community that the cost of new roofing installations may soon increase due to recent events. Given that the company has a wealth of experience in roofing and has followed industry trends since they first started working with local customers, their insight may prove helpful to many in the area.

The primary cause of this price hike may be obvious to many: the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the roofing company wishes to explain exactly why this shortage is occurring in the hope that it will give property owners some much needed context, in turn allowing them to make better decisions regarding their homes and businesses.

“As lumber mills had been shut down in 2020 due to Covid-19,” Traverse City Roofing states. “The cost of lumber has been sharply increasing. This includes plywood as well. On the other hand, asphalt shingles and other roofing products over the past decade have outpaced inflation by over 12 times. The cost of oil, which is a core element that asphalt shingles are made out of, is also increasing.”

Oil in particular has been in the news lately due to a recent incident which saw a hacker group target a major pipeline, forcing it to be shut off for several days as a precaution. The initial shutdown has since been reverted, but experts expect problems to persist for some time as gas stations across the region are restocked. In such cases, vehicle owners are not the only individuals who suffer from an oil shortfall — virtually any industry that depends on this resource would be brought to a standstill without it.

While this particular situation has been resolved, Traverse City Roofing cautions against assuming that prices will remain steady. This may indeed be the case, they say, but it would be unwise to be careless. In roofing, for instance, there are certain steps a property owner can take to offset the likelihood that they will need a new roof during a price hike.

If the cost of new roofing installation is going up, homeowners and businesses alike will want to do their utmost to reduce the likelihood of them having to buy a new roof. According to the company, the best way to do this is to commit to a regular inspection or maintenance schedule and follow it as closely as possible. Similarly, the best action to take when a problem is noticed is to have it fixed immediately.

Traverse City Roofing states that minor issues, such as leaks, should be dealt with promptly in order to prevent them from developing into bigger problems. A small leak today could turn into a major structural fault given enough time, and those who think requesting a repair service as this stage is too costly will eventually have to deal with much bigger costs that cannot be postponed. The longer a problem is allowed to continue, the more costly it will be to fix.

Fortunately, repairing a roof is a much less financially-draining task than a full roof replacement or installation. The company always recommends that customers get in touch immediately when they notice a leak, hole or other sign of damage in their roof because this gives their team an opportunity to correct the issue in a prompt fashion. Notably, some types of damage will not be evident to the untrained eye (and few will want to personally examine their roofs on a regular basis). This is why customers are also encouraged to sign up for the company’s inspection service, which will enable them to stay ahead of any problems that may arise.

The company has long provided expert roofing services for residential and commercial customers, and they look forward to working with those who act on their suggestions regarding regular inspections and maintenance. Traverse City Roofing serves communities in Williamsburg, Leelanau County, Glen Arbor, Bellaire, Elk Rapids, East Port, Central Lake and more.

Customers are welcome to contact the company today to learn more about the various services they offer, from roof repair and maintenance to complete roof installation, siding and so on. Additional information regarding their services can be found on their official website and social media platforms as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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