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As San Diego Sees Rise in Substance Abuse Muse Addiction Treatment Center in Los Angeles Provides Solutions

May 14, 2021
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San Diego, CA – San Diego is an iconic California city blessed with beautiful beaches, green hills, history, culture, and plenty of year-round sunshine. Thousands of people flock to visit the city every year to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer. Unfortunately, residents of San Diego are also experiencing a significant increase in rates of substance abuse and all the consequences that accompany it. Slowly but surely, San Diego has seen a rise not only in the number of reported substance abuse problems but a rise in the number of people succumbing to the disease of addiction. The current coronavirus pandemic is playing a role to be sure, however mental health issues and substance abuse disorders were already on the rise even before the pandemic.

Reaching out for help when suffering from alcohol or drug addiction can be a lifesaving decision. First and foremost, seeking treatment for substance use disorder at a facility like Muse Treatment in Los Angeles provides people the opportunity to regain control over their life. Addiction can cause a person’s life to quickly spiral out of control damaging relationships, career, health, and many other areas of a person’s life. Working through an inpatient or outpatient treatment program can restore balance and serenity to life again.

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Muse Treatment also helps clients from San Diego work through the underlying causes of substance use. Most people struggling with addiction have experienced traumatic events in their lives that may have led to addiction in the first place. Mental health disorders are also common root causes of addiction. In both cases, people attempt to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol when they are struggling to cope. In addition to traumatic stress resulting from physical or emotional trauma, conditions like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder frequently co-occur with substance use disorder. Muse uses a Dual Diagnosis treatment strategy to address underlying mental health conditions and substance abuse at the same time. Healing the root causes of addiction helps people to make lasting transformations and achieve long-term sobriety.

For anyone struggling with substance abuse or addiction to drugs and alcohol, the Muse Team is available to provide the individualized care and attention required to transition into a life of sobriety. The team goes above and beyond to provide all the tools and resources needed to establish and maintain sobriety for life. Reach out today at (800) 426-1818 or find them online at

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