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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre Offers Holistic Cosmetic Dentistry in Sydney

April 28, 2021
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Sydney Holistic Dental Centre, a dental practice in Sydney, NSW, Australia, is happy to announce that they are offering a holistic form of cosmetic dentistry in Sydney and neighbouring areas. In a new blog post, Dr Ron Ehrlich explains why cosmetic dentistry and holistic dentistry should be considered together. The reason is that whether people like it or not, appearance plays an important role in people’s lives. People often judge themselves based on their appearance. Thus, people usually judge themselves by how confident they are when they smile, how confident they are when they talk, and how others perceive them. Thus, the way a person looks and the appearance of the mouth and teeth are essential.

Holistic dentistry approaches the care of the teeth and gums using a holistic perspective. As such, they always consider how oral care is related to the whole body and vice versa. This is based on the concept that all aspects of health are interrelated, including spiritual and emotional health. Thus, the fact that cosmetic dentistry can contribute to a person’s self-confidence, makes it a necessary part of holistic dentistry. The article also explains why holistic dentistry and cosmetic dentistry are aligned with regards to the three vital aspects of cosmetic dentistry, which are tooth whitening, teeth alignment, and teeth function and oral health.

The simple process of teeth whitening can contribute greatly to a person’s confidence. Thus, the dentists at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre believe that teeth whitening is a good idea. To ensure that their teeth whitening procedure is holistic, they always make sure to use well-made and well-fitting custom trays to hold the whitening gel. It is also important not to overdo the teeth whitening. Thus, they don’t recommend patients sleeping with whitening trays. They offer home whitening, which has the advantages of having a lower cost and being more gentle and more sustainable. Nevertheless, they also offer in-house whitening for those who prefer it or who want a quick result.

Another holistic cosmetic dentistry procedure that they can offer is teeth alignment. Teeth alignment is usually wanted by people because of aesthetic reasons. However, aligning the teeth also has health benefits. One way it may help in improving the patient’s health is that breathing may be improved because more space is provided for the nasal passages and the sinuses. This is because the size and shape of the upper jaw will determine the size and shape of the nasal passages and sinuses. This affects the amount of room for the tongue, and because the tongue may block the airway, creating more space to align the teeth can prevent the tongue from impeding the process of breathing. Another way that teeth alignment can impact a person’s health is that well-aligned teeth make it easier to clean the teeth. And finally, it allows the person to have a confident smile, which enhances well-being.

And third, cosmetic dentistry can offer practical support for general and oral health for patients with damaged or decayed teeth. By using a dental implant, a dental crown, a dental bridge, or other important dental procedures, they are able to enhance the person’s ability to chew and improve health and well-being. Proper chewing of food results in improved nutrition. Interestingly, this is also related to cognitive function, which was shown by a study from Sydney University published during the early part of 2020.

The cosmetic dentistry services offered at Sydney Holistic Dental Centre include: Invisalign clear braces, a kids’ pre-braces treatment known as Myobrace, teeth whitening, dental implants, and dental veneers. A beautiful smile is the common reason for using Invisalign invisible braces. However, the Invisalign braces may also be used to prevent obstructed breathing and poor oral hygiene. And as holistic dentists, in providing Invisalign braces, they also consider the person’s overall wellness and quality of sleep. Thus, they also ensure that enough space is created for all of the teeth to improve the airway for optimal breathing, it allows easier cleaning of the teeth and gums, and it results in a beautiful and confident smile without having to use metal braces.

Those who are looking for a Sydney cosmetic dentist, that uses holistic principles can check out the Sydney Holistic Dental Centre website, or contact them on the phone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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