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West Linn Company Describes the Difference Between House Washing and Other Pressure Washing in NW Portland Services

April 28, 2021
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Hydrocleaning, a reputable West Linn, Oregon pressure cleaning service, wants people in its area to know that not all pressure washing tasks are done using a high-pressure spray. That’s why those at the company recommend getting these types of services done by professionals like them. They have the knowledge and experience to know when to use jetted water pressure to clean surfaces or rely more on chemicals to do the cleaning work. This is also why they come so highly recommended when it comes to cleaning home exteriors, roofs, and other types of surfaces.

The company owner, Tyler, says, “There is a lot more to our washing services in West Linn and the surrounding Portland areas than just pulling up in a truck and to start blasting away on our equipment’s highest pressure setting. That’s why we use our many years of experience in this business to determine the exact amount of pressure, what tip to use, and if chemicals are needed or not to clean a surface. The one thing that our customers can rest assured of is that we will get the surfaces that they need washed incredibly clean and done in the safest possible way.

Tyler went on to say that there are basically three different categories that pressure washing falls into. These are surfaces that are always washed using maximum water pressure, surfaces that it takes special knowledge to determine if high- or low-pressure spray is recommended, and surfaces that are best cleaned by impactful eco-friendly chemicals that are rinsed away with a gentle spray. Concrete walkways, asphalt driveways, and patio washing almost always fall into the first category as it takes high-pressure spray to clean these surfaces effectively. He mentioned parking garages, parking lots, and pool decks most likely will need high-pressure washing to get them done right too. He added that it does not mean they never use chemicals when doing high-pressure spray washing but using the right tips and pressure settings are the keys here.

The owner of this Northwest Portland cleaning service also gave some examples of pressure cleaning jobs where choices have to be made whether to use high-pressure washing or chemical cleaning. He says this especially applies to cleaning the siding on homes. That’s because siding surfaces such as brick and stucco require strong jetted spray and other types of siding such as wood and vinyl are more delicate, so a choice needs to be made which type of approach to take when cleaning. Decks also fall into this category because they are made of different types of wood or different qualities of synthetic material. Tyler added that roofs are something that chemical cleaning, or soft washing as it’s more often referred to, are recommended. Storefronts and when working around trees, bushes, foliage, and other obstacles almost always call for low-pressure washing too. He says the environmentally safe chemicals that they use are very effective at loosening up moss, mildew, algae, and other contaminants so they can easily be sprayed off of surfaces. Soft washing avoids damaging softer woods, roofing shingles, and it’s the recommended way to do fleet service cleaning and washing cars.

Those who have requested different types of pressure washing assistance from HydroCleaning have been very satisfied with the service they have received. Patrick Kint wrote, “Tyler and his team are awesome. Got the job done quickly and did high-quality, thorough work. I'm finding creative ways to use them because I was so impressed. Great people, too.” Aaron Parker stated, “Hydrocleaning did an excellent job on our roof cleaning. Our roof was infested with moss and these guys took excellent care of it and were careful with our landscape! Thanks again. Highly recommend!” These 5-star reviews were taken from the company’s Google Maps Listing where every review rates them 5 out of a possible 5-stars.

People in the Northwest Portland area that would like to know more about the many different pressure washing services that HydroCleaning offers can call them, send them an email, or visit their website at

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