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New York Acting Academy Unveils Top Summer Acting Programs For 2021

April 29, 2021
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New York, New York -

The New York, NY based Maggie Flanigan Studio is pleased to invite students and serious actors to take part in their 2021 Meisner Summer Intensive. This program is about to begin its 20th year of training actors in the Meisner technique, and the academy is eager to take their next step forward despite the obstacles raised by the COVID-19 pandemic. Students are welcome to contact the Maggie Flanigan Studio today to learn more or submit an application. More information is also available here: Top Summer Acting Programs New York.

The Meisner Summer Intensive will begin on June 14th as part of the academy’s Summer Acting Program (Conservatory), also known as the Six-Week Meisner Summer Intensive. While it, as with many other programs and pursuits around the country, was originally held in person where instructor and pupil could interact in a dynamic and engaging manner, the Maggie Flanigan Studio team found themselves obliged to shift their efforts online in their entirety in order to preserve the safety of both staff and students. While many expected this development to severely hamper the program’s ability to foster an educational environment that students could flourish in, these concerns fortunately turned out to have little merit.

students online during summer acting program

Charlie Sandlan, the Executive Director & Head of Acting at the Maggie Flanigan Studio observes that, “This pandemic has provided us an uninvited breath, an opportunity to process adversity and decide how we choose to come through it. The actors and artists who will be the most successful have embraced a willingness to adapt.” This willingness appears to have translated well into the online classroom, with Sandlan sharing that he is extremely pleased to discover that the Zoom classroom affords a competent training ground for actors to grow.

As a result, his advice to those caught in indecision is to boldly step forth and seize this opportunity to get their training underway. The Meisner Summer Intensive may not feature the environment it did a year or two ago but the lessons it imparts are no less profound. Those interested may contact the academy today to enroll in the best summer acting programs for college students in New York. Students should note, however, that the beginning of the Meisner Summer Intensive is only a few short weeks away, so they are urged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

The 6-week program is designed to push artists and actors to their limits, helping them discover the full extent of their ability to express themselves as well as inhabit characters from a wide spectrum of humanity. In essence, it seeks to push students out of their comfort zones in order to gain a deeper understanding of the value of hard work and artistry in a safe and nurturing environment. The institute has always considered the body as a whole an actor’s most vital instrument, and they were determined to make sure that their online training is similarly efficient in teaching each student to develop their instrument’s proficiency. As such, many will be glad to learn that the summer conservatory program includes training on voice, movement, nutrition, reiki, self-tape auditions and theater history.

One of the biggest changes brought about by the switch to an online platform is that the Maggie Flanigan Studio can now reach actors from around the globe. According to Sandlan, the academy’s response to the pandemic has exposed the fact that serious training can occur online, and this means that a student can learn everything they need to portray the human condition from virtually anywhere in the world (provided they have a stable internet connection).

He encourages students of the art who are still on the fence to examine every true challenge they face in order to determine what really stands between them and the next stage in their training. To help facilitate this examination, Sandlan is generously inviting hopeful actors to call or email the Maggie Flanigan Studio and schedule a time to speak with him — one on one.

This means that actors and artists who are serious about their craft may contact Charlie Sandlan of the Maggie Flanigan Studio to inquire further about their programs and explore what the institute has to offer. As the summer intensive is known to be one of the best summer acting programs in NYC, the Maggie Flanigan Studio is confident that every student will be extremely satisfied with their experience.

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