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Dupage Hydro Jet Launches Drain Cleaning Service

April 22, 2021
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Facebook Twitter Google Digg Reddit LinkedIn Email is pleased to announce the launch of their hydro-jetting service for drain cleaning for the Dupage area in Illinois. Instead of using conventional ‘cable’ style rooter machines, they use hydro-jetting, which is a highly effective method of cleaning the inside of sewer pipes and removing ‘soft blockages’ inside the sewer drain. These blockages are usually made up of baby wipes, grease, tree roots, soap scum, debris, and other objects, such as fruit flies.

Brian McMahon, the owner of Dupage Hydro Jet, says, “Over time, objects like baby wipes will build up in your sewer drain and not allow the sewer to drain properly. The problem is that standard cable drain cleaning will not be able to remove these baby wipes as effectively because the cable will get ‘caught up’ in the dense amount of baby wipes thus preventing the cable to push through. This is when you need to use a hydro jetting machine to push the clump of wipes down the drain with a thrust of 3000 PSI jetting machine that has special nozzles designed to unclog the drain.”

Hydro Jetting The Plumbing In Lombard

Another common object that can clog sewer drains is grease, which is actually one of the worst kinds of clogs for the drain. Grease clogs form when too much cooking grease from the kitchen drain reaches the drain pipes. The conventional cable machine is not capable of clearing the grease from the drain pipe. This is because the grease accumulates on the sidewalls of the pipes, gradually thickening until the drain has noticeably slowed down. The drain cleaning service provided by Dupage Hydro Jet is effective in eliminating the grease inside the pipes because of these hydro jetting techniques.

Tree roots, meanwhile, are the top cause of sewer clogs. This is because tree roots tend to penetrate through the joints of sewer pipes, resulting in blockages that impede the proper flow of water in the sewer drains. Hydro jetting has been found to be effective in getting rid of tree roots from the sewer and clearing the debris from drain pipes, thus, enabling proper drainage for years to come.

Other kinds of blockages in sewer pipes that can be cleared by hydro-jetting are soap scum and other types of objects like handi wipes. Fruit flies can also accumulate inside sewer pipes and cause a serious nuisance in your kitchen or home. Thus, Dupage Hydro Jet highly recommends regular hydro jetting of the sewer line for maintenance purposes.

Dupage Hydro Jet offers residential and commercial drain cleaning services in Dupage County. For residential homes, there are a number of potential problems with the sewer pipes, especially if the sewer pipe was not backfilled with 3/4” stone and/or sand, resulting in the shifting of the pipe in the ground over time. Over time, the cast iron or clay sewer pipes will gradually pitch back towards the home or building, thus preventing the sewage from flowing properly towards the city drain. This is a problem that may only be corrected by excavation to get access to the back pitched pipe and then installing a new sewer pipe and then backfilling it properly.

Another common problem with sewer pipes is a bellied section of the sewer pipes. This is due to a section of the earth shifting such that a small section of the pipe sinks lower than the normal grade of the pipe that results in a ‘belly' in the sewer. This results in a blockage or intermittent back up and the solution is to hydro jet the drain regularly.

During or after sewer repair or maintenance, they recommend the installation of a ‘sewer clean out’ in the front yard. This is a vertical pipe installed in the sewer line that allows a plumber or drain technician to get access to the sewer drain without needing to enter the home and bringing in smelly and heavy drain cleaning equipment.

Those who are interested in learning more about the hydro jetting plumbing and drain cleaning services provided by Dupage Hydro Jet can check out their website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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