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Highly Experienced Construction Accident Lawyer, Keetick Sanchez, Sheds Some Light on Who May be Held Liable For a Work Related Injury

April 15, 2021
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Queens, NY - Work-related injuries that occur while working at a construction site are astronomical. Data suggest that the risk for injury during physical labor is far greater than injuries incurred from any other industry. With the potentially hazardous work conditions of that type of environment and the number of people involved it is of the utmost importance that victims of work-related injuries are appropriately represented by a construction accident lawyer.

Keetick Sanchez has lived in New York City her entire life and has spent her entire career practicing law. With a degree from Touro College Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law school, she wasted no time getting to work and skillfully supporting and defending her clients. Her reputation as a tough but tenacious attorney precedes her. Through her career as a construction accident lawyer, she has gained incredible experience by representing her clients in the courtroom with real-world experience around the many nuances that come with state and federal regulations of the law and how they apply.

construction accident lawyer

“Fatality and injury numbers here in New York are significantly worse than the numbers compared to the nation as a whole. Construction job sites are easily one of the most dangerous environments a person can be around, whether you are a laborer on the job or simply passing by. Every passing minute involves operating heavy-duty equipment, multiple people working together on a single task with dangerous material, or others simultaneously working on something else altogether. But even with those hard truths, people can sometimes become a little too comfortable on the job and can get a little lax on being careful and cautious.”

Sanchez relays how the importance of investigating and understanding the entire scope of an injury that occurred on a job site is imperative to discovering who is ultimately responsible and held liable for the losses of the victim. Especially since there are many laws that have put in place to protect injured construction workers.

“Construction workers have incredibly important jobs that play a vital role in the growth of our economy. And unfortunately, it’s also a dangerous one. Injury cases that come from this type of work can get really complicated really quickly. Injuries like this are incredibly stressful and scary to those involved and their families. I think it’s incredibly important for people in that kind of industry to know and understand that they could be eligible to claim personal injury compensation.”

Sanchez believes anyone who has been involved in an accident on a job site, that has resulted in a serious injury, should contact a representative that is well versed in the labor laws associated with construction work, as soon as possible. She believes that when it comes to investigating this type of case, keen attention to detail can make all the difference. To learn more about how Keetick L. Sanchez, Esq. and her team at KLS Law can help, visit their website at

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