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Hard Drive Recovery Associates Offers Advice on How to Deal with Problems with the Zoom App

June 04, 2021
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Hard Drive Recovery Associates, a data recovery service company based in Irvine, California, has recently published an article on their site that discusses how to deal with issues with the Zoom app. Zoom has become a necessary tool during the pandemic lockdowns as it allows people to hold meetings with clients, workmates and business associates when it comes to businesses, and to meet with family and friends in other places. This videoconferencing software has also proven to be a valuable tool for schools for online classes.

Jack Edwards from Hard Drive Recovery Associates says, “With Zoom as a key program being used for various videoconferencing requirements, it is important for users to know what to do when experiencing some kind of trouble, such as lack of or poor audio and video, echo problems, screen freezes, and screen sharing issues. We offer advice on what to do in this particular blog post.”

A typical problem with Zoom videoconferencing is the lack of audio or poor audio. It is important for users to know that they need to grant permission to Zoom to have access to the camera and microphone of the computer or whatever device that is being used. That may likely be the problem but in case it doesn’t work, it is time to check on the audio settings of the computer or gadget being used.

Another common issue with Zoom is the presence of an echo, which makes the audio sound like people are inside a tunnel. When this happens, it is the person at the other end of the meeting who has to adjust something in their setup.

There is also the potential problem of the screen freezing while in the middle of a Zoom meeting or the video appears to be slower compared to the audio. This is a time-lag problem and the Internet may be too slow. It may also have to do with a weak Wi-Fi signal. Or the lag may be caused by Zoom itself. To remedy issues with Internet speed, it may be a good idea to choose the time to hold Zoom meetings. If the Wi-Fi signal strength is weak, it may be a good idea to move closer to the Wi-Fi router or possibly get a wireless router with a stronger signal.

Screen sharing issues during a Zoom meeting may be caused by an Internet connection problem. If not, it may have to do with the setup of Zoom so it may be a good idea to begin the Zoom meeting with no video. Thus, it will start as an audio conference call. After some time has passed, the video will automatically turn on to share the screen with the other participants in the meeting. If the Zoom meeting is already in progress, it may be a good idea to click on the “Stop Video” button and then click on the “Share Screen” button. And if it still doesn’t work, the user can try to uninstall Zoom and then reinstall it.

With the above-mentioned recommendations, the user may be able to have a Zoom meeting that is functioning properly. If not, it may be time to call on the professionals. Just like when a hard drive crashes, it is essential to call on the professionals. The experts from Hard Drive Recovery Associates are available to provide data recovery service when users find that they can no longer access vital files, including photographs, documents, e-books and more. The service that the company provides can help prevent people from panicking and feeling stressed when they are unable to use their files. Luckily, the company has a 98 percent success rate in recovering data. And they are so confident in their skills that they will not charge anything in the event that they fail to recover the hard drive data.

People who are in need of data recovery services can visit the Hard Drive Recovery Associates website, or contact them on the phone, or through email. They can be contacted every day of the week and 24 hours a day.

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